Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chicken Running

What happens when you take a girls computer away from her at work? Obviously blogging comes to a screeching halt. Also be warned, when you announce to people (or the internet) that you have found something to fix your back, you are jinxing yourself, horribly. So I'm back to extreme pain which means my brain function isn't 100%, so this is gonna be random.

We've got a new girl in our office who is taking over my receptionist responsibilities!!! So I'm back to being a medical assistant only. I'm more than happy to leave my little computer behind if it means I get to hang out all day in the back office away from the phones :)

I finally renewed my license so I'm no longer driving around illegally. It's hard to be motivated to drive 30 minutes to the DMV to take a written driving test on a sunny Friday afternoon just to be able to drive. So instead I went this morning and skipped an hour of work. So much better than giving up my Friday afternoon. And yes, I passed that 25 question test like a freaking champ.

Chad and I tried to go for a run last night. I had been feeling so good this weekend. So good. We biked and climbed (duh) and I (my back/leg/hip) felt better than usual even after all that. Until I didn't anymore. I tried running and quickly realized I looked like a hunched over chicken, flapping my arms around and everything. As soon as I stopped I realized I was actually dying. Dying. So I limped around and cried a bunch and then proceeded to really die in a hot bath once we were able to drag me back home. Today started out in a similar hunched over, so painful I want to vomit type way, so I am self medicating with ridiculous amounts of advil and donuts.

It's Spring Break week for Chad so naturally that means that he spent his whole first day off cleaning the entire kitchen and doing massive loads of laundry. Trust me, when our kitchen and laundry finally need doing it's quite the dire situation. My husband is the best. Seriously. Ever.

Sorry for the lack of pictures but I've got half a brain and lots o' pain today. Aaaaaand instead of whining some more, especially since my very last post was on being happy.... sigh.... I will end on this note,  I'm licensed, employed and have a clean kitchen!  

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