Thursday, February 28, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Me and some random chicks in Vegas. They were having a very good time and really wanted to get in the picture with me, at least they let me borrow their sweet glasses.


  • Trying to kick a tumble weed out of my way coming down the stairs from work. My foot went straight in and then I proceeded to flail around trying to get it off. It finally left me alone and then I realized that there was a very well dressed lady who was clearly just leaving the medical spa who had watched the whole thing unfold. I may have smiled and waved to her as I went on my way. She may have made eye contact with me but just looked at me snarkily.
  • Watching a woman wander around outside my work in a white robe and bare feet. No idea what was going on there. 
  • My favorite t-shirt of all time is starting to die. And by starting, I mean it died about 2 years ago. What once used to be some small holes are now just shredded. But it's so comfy that I just can't get rid of it. Anyone who spends any amount of time with me has seen me in this way too many times. Yes, it's the Jared t-shirt.
  • Trying to move our Christmas tree to the back patio before my visiting teachers came over. It was the second week in February and I didn't want to have that conversation. My plan was to just move it outside, but the the tree started falling apart and falling over. I scooped it all up and threw it out back and no one was the wiser. Except for Chad, who was more than a little confused when he got home from classes to find a broken up, decorated Christmas tree scattered all over the back. I won't like when I tell you that instead of putting it away that night we moved all the pieces into the kitchen and tackled that project another day.
  • Chad buying the homeless guy outside Smashburger a giant hamburger. The waitress brought him out some fries as well. Chad has got to be the most kind and giving person. He's literally given someone his last $10 before. But that's a whole other story.
  • Chad deciding that our minestrone needed quinoa. Super delish and filling!
  • Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and homemade whipped cream. We haven't had it in forever and it was soooo good! 
  • Top Chef. Glad I found this show and even more glad that there are 9 more seasons I can go back and watch.
  • The fancy shmancy hotel we stayed in for Valentine's Day. We didn't want to leave it's awesomeness.
  • Chad cleaning the whole kitchen last night, dishes and all.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sunday Dress

Shirt: Thrifted, Belt and Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Target
Was anyone else totally unaware that you could dress up plaid? Thank you fashion bloggers for helping a sista out. I love me some plaid and I love that I can now wear it to church.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3rd times the charm

We love H&M. I love all the basics that I get there and all of the Men's clothing fits Chad like a champ. Whenever we are in Vegas we make a stop there. I usually need to replace a dying tank top and Chad usually needs to replace a dying dress shirt for church.

Last weekend was no different. He picked up a cute striped shirt with great purple buttons. After getting back to our hotel he went to change into in and found a cut in the shirt by the shoulder. Booo.

So we take the shirt back the next day and tell them about the cut. They ignore us, do the return and we are on our way to find one without slashes and holes to take home. We finally find one in his size and buy it.

We immediately go to the bathrooms at Caesars to change, him into his shirt and me into my new tights. Changing into tights in a very dirty, small bathroom stall without a purse hook is quite the feat my friends. I should really have won an award for that one. Anyways....

I come out of the bathroom only to find Chad standing there in the same clothes he went in in, holding the new shirt. There was another giant rip/cut under the collar. So we head back and return it. We tell them this is the second time that this has happened. They, again, ignore what we are saying and just return it.

So now we are looking for the shirt again. Guess what we find? The first shirt out on display with it's rip in it. At this point we are really irritated and take the cut up shirt back up to the cashier and tell them what has happened. Miss Sass at the register didn't care a bit, gave us the stink eye and basically told us to get over it. Nice. Customer service at it's finest.

We were tempted just to leave at that point, but we had already gone to so much freaking work. So finally we found one more shirt in his size, went over it with a fine tooth comb... twice, and bought it. Success!

Definitely more hassle that it was worth, good thing he looks darn cute in it ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Surprise, Surprise

Last week I was a lazy bum. While most people seem to be recovering from the flu I was recovering from.... Vegas. Slightly better than the flu. I was also recovering daily from all of the freaking nursing homes we went to. 4 in 2 days my friends. It was as awful as it sounds. Probably more so. On the third day we had a group of 30 mentally challenged 20 somethings come into our office that morning. While they are fun, they are draining. So I'll pick up where I left off... last weekend, the weekend of L-o-v-e... and Vegas ;)

We celebrated Valentine's Day last weekend because celebrating holidays on a weekday is sad and way less fun. And while I already told you we went to Vegas I'm sure you already knew that considering we like to celebrate everything in Vegas. Birthdays, Holidays, "we're bored and have nothing to do" days...

We had work and school until 7:30 last Thursday, Chad had a camp out with the boys from church on Friday and got back Saturday afternoon. That afternoon we had a fun little photo shoot for some kids going to Preference in our ward.

Luckily, I had President's Day off, woot! So Sunday morning we packed up and headed down to our favorite town. We left all of our hanging clothes at home, so that gave us something to do that afternoon :) We found some new fancy clothes to wear that night and then returned them all the next day... I know, we're horrible. But we weren't going out to dinner in our jeans and t-shirts.

Dress: H&M, Tights: old, Shoes: Target
Unfortunately we wandered around a bit too much and by the time we were trying to find somewhere to eat dinner we were outta luck at most restaurants. We finally ate around midnight at the only place that was still open. I got pad thai and Chad got Udon noodles.

That night we wandered around the city, took lots of pictures, got some new eyelashes (well, I did) and made some friends out on the strip! The next day we took it easy and just hung out together. People watching, eating pizza, and dressing up one more time for dinner at our new favorite place at the Encore.

After we were thoroughly exhausted, feet too sore and bellies full we headed back home to St. George. Always kinda a let down after a whirl wind weekend in Vegas. We didn't want to leave our fancy hotel suite :)

'Till next weekend Vegas.

*And while I was joking as I wrote this post last week, we did in fact just get back from Vegas again last night. We have a problem. A big, Vegas sized problem. Someone should really come out here and talk some sense into us, we'll pick you up at the airport... in Vegas....

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Awkward and Awesomeness

I thought I would share a little Awkward/Awesome story about Chad and my first Valentine's day after we were married.

Valentines fell on a Sunday, so naturally the Saturday before Jared  was over (Chad's best friend since they were born, literally). I don't remember if they were playing video games or watching something ridiculous. Either way he spent the night since he was over so late. Then the three of us all woke up and got ready for church together. After church we all came back to our little apartment. Just the three of us :)

Jared did leave though and Chad and I finally got some alone time...

What did our "romantic" first married Valentines look like? We got a cheap-o $5 pizza and watched whatever show we were into marathon style. I'm sure there was some kind of chocolate involved as well. There usually is most days, Valentine's or not. All in all, it really was a great day.

And whenever I think of our "first" Valentine's day, I think of Jared as well. So Happy Valentines Day Chad! And you too Jared ;)

 I hope all of you have an awesome day with those you love and lots of dessert!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slightly obsessed

While we are talking about Vegas....

Once we get back from Vegas what we really want to do is... turn around and go back. Chad was trying to talk me in to going back down on Saturday. He tried all Friday and then again all Saturday. Nikki can vouch for that. I spent all day Friday and Saturday telling him there was no way we were going back down, we were just there! But there's something about being there that makes us want to keep coming back for more. And that something is that it's awesome.

After a Saturday full a whole lot of nothing too exciting and a failed attempt at finding a good Mexican restaurant I was sorely disappointed that I hadn't given in.

While Cafe Rio is delicious it can't replace a good Mexican restaurant with endless chips and salsa. We miss the Sagebrush Cantina and El Patio with all our hearts. This place we tried Saturday had weird chips and really watered down, onion-y, very mild salsa. Chad skipped it, I ate it only because I wanted so badly for it to be good. Our first clue however, was that when I adjusted how I was sitting in the both, the whole thing moved because it wasn't bolted to the floor. Uh-oh. Shoulda left then.

We were a wee bit nervous about we had gotten ourselves into so we played it safe and ordered fajitas to split. It's impossible to mess up fajitas... right? Wrong. Bleh. The steak so bad we couldn't eat it and the onions and peppers weren't even cooked. After complaining we were given 25% off. It was still way too much money for the 3 fajitas we managed to eat.

We were upset about the failed dinner. Then our stomachs became even more upset than we were. We drove around trying to find something to do, failed, then finally just went home. The stomachs were pretty angry at this point. Stupid raw onions.

So instead of hanging in Vegas, people watching and snacking on chocolates, Chad watched Psych while I tried to sleep off my cranky belly. Pretty rockin' Saturday night huh?

Lesson learned: When your hubby wants to take you out.... just say yes.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The most wonderful place on earth...

VEGAS!!!  :)

 We don't gamble, we don't drink, we don't pay ridiculous amounts of money to get into clubs...

But we love it.

It may have something to do with the fact that it's the closest city with anything open after 9pm other than Pizza Hut. Or maybe it's that if we want to shop anywhere other than Target or TJMaxx this is the closest city with any sort of decent shopping. Even better than shopping though is the fantastic people watching, it just can't be beat.

Last week Tracy and Lincoln flew into Vegas for Lincoln's work, which meant we were headed down to hang out with Tracy while Lincoln worked.

Thanks to the grandparents slipping us 20's all the time we were able to head down Tuesday night and get a cheap hotel. Woot, Treasure Island!!! While the casino part may be pretty janky and the people super sketchy and homeless looking, the hotel part was clean and newly renovated. And the beds! Super comfy, we slept sooo good.

 One of the many highlights included the street magician. Chad and I both had a turn at being his assistant. Lucky us. After saying he needed a lovely assistant he came right for me. I also received a compliment from a drunk homeless person saying my hair was beautiful. Don't be jealous.

My part in the "magic show" (I use that term loosely) included a lot of bowing and waving of a Kleenex, I think everyone was confused. My favorite trick was when he would have a certain number of red balls in his hands and then turn around in a circle and when he was facing us again... tada!... there was another ball!!! It was definitely the worst, yet best, magic show ever.

We ate a lot of delicious food courtesy of Lincoln's work, walked and shopped until we literally dropped, sampled Godiva chocolates, watched the fountain show at the Bellagio and just enjoyed spending time with our family!

Side note: Are we the last people on earth to try macaroons? They were the Next time we are down there I'm getting 5... and I'm not sharing either.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I'm not gonna lie, I don't quite remember what's going on here. I do know that it's Black Friday and that we were laughing pretty hard.
  • Seeing a guy washing his car out in his driveway.... in the rain.
  • Our reaction to opening a Tupperware container that was full of tuna fish.... and ridiculous amounts of black mold. "Don't touch it!!!", "Don't breathe it!!!". There we were trying to coerce it down the drain, barely touching the container and our shirts over our faces. Over react much?
  • Our neighbors always have their bedroom window open and the fan going. Could be 15 degrees and the dead of night or sunny and 70 out. Doesn't matter. So I've taken to yelling at them as I go inside and see it open. Just general crazy lady ramblings directed at a window. Makes me feel better when in all reality it should make me feel more crazy.
  • Watching a *slightly* drunk man attempt to cross the road in Vegas. One step forward, two steps back. Two steps forward. Pause. One step back. One more try.... and .... Nope. He shakes his head, decides it's too much and turns around the other way.
  • Everyone in Vegas.
  • Us in Vegas. Chad makes a pretty entertaining fake drunk.
  • Hanging out with Tracy and Lincoln Tuesday night and all Wednesday!
  • Godiva chocolates
  • The deal we got on a hotel room.
  • The bed at our hotel. So comfy. Funny how a queen size bed was perfectly fine when two cats and a dog didn't sneak into bed with us.
  • Blackout curtains in said hotel room. Why don't I have these at home? Oh yeah, because then I really would never get up.
  • We always take bets as we drive home from Vegas on what time we will make it into St. George. Chad was spot on last night this morning. We were both pretty impressed.
  • Our animal's over reaction to us getting home. What can I say, they are pretty attached.... and super needy... and they were pretty thirsty as well.
Have an Awesome Thursday!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dream Weaver

Chad has the best dreams. Seriously, whenever he tells me about the latest it always sounds like the plot of a movie. Mine, on the other hand, are usually a little less thrilling. More about me walking down the road. And then that's it. Chad's saving the word and taking out bad guys and I'm just trying to run.

That's right, I can not, ever, no matter what, run in any of my dreams. It's been like this since high school. It's not even that I'm trying to run away from anything (again, my dreams aren't that exciting) I'm just trying to run, and I can't. Instead I start to float. I'm floating around a couple feet off the ground, just bobbing around. And instead of being thrilled that I'm flying (!!!!) I'm just so annoyed that I can't run that I wake up.

Saturday morning I had these two dreams:

Chad's whole family was with us. Everyone was getting ready to go somewhere and everyone had left except Bill and I. So we jumped in the car and started driving into the mountains. Except the mountains were on fire and there were dinosaurs coming out of it. We tried to find everyone and escape at the same time but... the dinosaurs or fire get us because all of a sudden the dream starts over. Everything goes the same expect Bill and I try a different escape route each time and each time either the fire or dinosaurs get us.

After the dinosaur attack my mind decided to stick with two major themes. Mountains and death. Good stuff right? Chad and I are hiking on Angel's Landing and I keep falling. The first time I fall I just yell out. But then the dream starts repeating again and we are back hiking again and each new time I fall I'm yelling out phrases to Chad as I fall. "Here I go again....!!!!" or "Dang it all!!!!" Really touching last words.

So what does it all mean? What crazy dreams have you had lately?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Is it Wednesday yet?

It was a busy and pretty non exciting weekend over here.

There was grocery shopping for the grandparents, grocery shopping for us, and then more grocery shopping to get what we forgot since I can never remember to bring the list with us.

There was pancake making and eating and freezing for breakfasts this week.

There was cleaning and laundry and dish washing.

There was ear cleaning for the poor pup and kitty. And then more ear cleaning and finally some drops given. There was lots of head shaking from the two of them, but mostly poor Rukia with her stinky ears.

There was sleeping in :)

There was meal prepping although I'm not sure if it will do us any good since we will be helping the grandparents pack tonight and tomorrow right after work/school.

There was lots of super bowl treats consumed while watching.... Castle.

Friday, February 1, 2013

In need of a Laugh?

Seriously, you guys, I'm cracking up at this.

If you're Mormon, and you need a little something-something extra to propel you into the weekend check this out.

And when you finally calm down and finish texting your sister/brother/mother about how they need to check this out too, get ready for more. Yup, she's got two of them.

More awesme goodness from Miss Mandy

Your Welcome. Happy Weekend.