Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Awkward and Awesomeness

I thought I would share a little Awkward/Awesome story about Chad and my first Valentine's day after we were married.

Valentines fell on a Sunday, so naturally the Saturday before Jared  was over (Chad's best friend since they were born, literally). I don't remember if they were playing video games or watching something ridiculous. Either way he spent the night since he was over so late. Then the three of us all woke up and got ready for church together. After church we all came back to our little apartment. Just the three of us :)

Jared did leave though and Chad and I finally got some alone time...

What did our "romantic" first married Valentines look like? We got a cheap-o $5 pizza and watched whatever show we were into marathon style. I'm sure there was some kind of chocolate involved as well. There usually is most days, Valentine's or not. All in all, it really was a great day.

And whenever I think of our "first" Valentine's day, I think of Jared as well. So Happy Valentines Day Chad! And you too Jared ;)

 I hope all of you have an awesome day with those you love and lots of dessert!


  1. Great picture - your eyes look especially blue. :) A $5 pizza and a movie sounds AMAZING to me. That's what true love is made of.


  2. This is so sweet. Super cute photo! TV marathons are the best. <3

  3. haha, me and William are into the same marathon-style tv shows. we ended our v-day watching The Mentalist which we're marathoning right now. we're super dorks! I'm the same way where I don't really care what we do as long as we're together. Happy Valentines Day!

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