Thursday, February 28, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Me and some random chicks in Vegas. They were having a very good time and really wanted to get in the picture with me, at least they let me borrow their sweet glasses.


  • Trying to kick a tumble weed out of my way coming down the stairs from work. My foot went straight in and then I proceeded to flail around trying to get it off. It finally left me alone and then I realized that there was a very well dressed lady who was clearly just leaving the medical spa who had watched the whole thing unfold. I may have smiled and waved to her as I went on my way. She may have made eye contact with me but just looked at me snarkily.
  • Watching a woman wander around outside my work in a white robe and bare feet. No idea what was going on there. 
  • My favorite t-shirt of all time is starting to die. And by starting, I mean it died about 2 years ago. What once used to be some small holes are now just shredded. But it's so comfy that I just can't get rid of it. Anyone who spends any amount of time with me has seen me in this way too many times. Yes, it's the Jared t-shirt.
  • Trying to move our Christmas tree to the back patio before my visiting teachers came over. It was the second week in February and I didn't want to have that conversation. My plan was to just move it outside, but the the tree started falling apart and falling over. I scooped it all up and threw it out back and no one was the wiser. Except for Chad, who was more than a little confused when he got home from classes to find a broken up, decorated Christmas tree scattered all over the back. I won't like when I tell you that instead of putting it away that night we moved all the pieces into the kitchen and tackled that project another day.
  • Chad buying the homeless guy outside Smashburger a giant hamburger. The waitress brought him out some fries as well. Chad has got to be the most kind and giving person. He's literally given someone his last $10 before. But that's a whole other story.
  • Chad deciding that our minestrone needed quinoa. Super delish and filling!
  • Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and homemade whipped cream. We haven't had it in forever and it was soooo good! 
  • Top Chef. Glad I found this show and even more glad that there are 9 more seasons I can go back and watch.
  • The fancy shmancy hotel we stayed in for Valentine's Day. We didn't want to leave it's awesomeness.
  • Chad cleaning the whole kitchen last night, dishes and all.


  1. Top Chef is one of my favorite, can't miss shows!!

  2. Girl time :), I miss my girlfriends so much.

  3. Ha ha! I just when I'm doing something embarrassing and realize that someone was watching me. :)