Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Dress

Skirt: F21, Cardigan & Shoes: Target, Necklace: Aldo

Happy Easter!

We are celebrating by sleeping in, eating lots of sugary food and lounging in our p.j.'s all day. And just to make all my Michiganders jealous... it really was too hot to be wearing this cardigan today. We are dangerously close to the time of year when any clothes are too many clothes. I'll let you guess whose favorite time of year that is. And on that note, I hope you all have a swell Easter :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Speaking of the Weekend...

Ash and Pat came down to visit last weekend!!!!

We were super excited to hang out with them, keep them up waaaaay too late, and play until we were dead tired.

Friday night they managed to get here just early enough for Chad to take us all rock climbing. Whenever just the two of us go Chad climbs and I belay. That's it. I have little to no interest in climbing up the side of a rock. I can barley climb down the path to get where Chad climbs sometimes. But we all took turns. Patrick got up nice and high, I panicked about 6 feet off the ground and Ashley was the super star of the day. She was nervous at first but then really took off!

That night we took it easy and hung out after dinner and ice cream. Ashley and I went to bed at 1 and let the boys stay up discussing pressing matters into the wee hours of the night. Patrick was a wee bit exhausted the next day... and so was Chad. Too bad though, we were off to Vegas!!!

We had a great time wandering around the shops, getting fancy desserts, gambling (just a little) and people watching. We spent the whole day and night there, finally making it home well after 2am.

Sunday was a recovery day! We filled our bellies with Mexican and Chinesse food and played Munchkins!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • Not thinking that Miss Brittany and Baby Daddy is crazy because you've become used to them throwing things against the walls and 3am scream fests directly outside your bedroom window. 
  • Being reminded of Brittany's crazy when the police are at her apartment 3 times in one weekend. Really? 3 times? Let's get it together people.
  • My boss at work letting me know that I can start having kids now! What to do with said baby while Chad is in school for the next 230875 years and I have to work? No worries, I can bring this child with me to work and she will watch baby Lewis. I can just hear the rest of my family cheering along with her :)
  • Hearing weird chirping noises coming from the office next door. Finally realizing that the chirping is actually a tiny, little dog that is being treated in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. We could hear the technician say, "my wife will never believe this, do you mind if I take a picture?". We were practically rolling on the floors laughing.
  • Running the 3.5 miles home from work yesterday only to find myself locked out of our house. No worries, Chad will be home from class in a few minutes. Wrrrooong. Chad was having too good of a time in his rock climbing class and decided to stay an extra hour. Nothing like realizing you can break into your house in 2 seconds flat. Up and through the kitchen window I went!

  • Las Vegas with Ash and Pat.
  • Ridiculously expensive desserts that taste like heaven.
  • Chad's self portraits he took for his photography class.
  • Face Time and Skype
  • Flavored Red Bull. The cranberry kind is oh so yummy.
  • It's almost the weekend. Because isn't that usually the most awesome thing about Thursdays?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Chad's been telling me to go get my hair done since January. January people. But that would require actually finding someone to do my hair, and then paying for it, and then crossing my fingers that this new person actually knows what they are doing and worth the ridiculous amount of money they always charge. Who in the world ignores their husband when he tells them to go out and get their hair (and even nails) done? This girl.
  • Taking Rukia running with me and having to drag her along the sidewalk. I finally look back at her to see what the freak is going on and find her squatting as I'm pulling her along, leaving a little (ok, not so little) trail of poo.
  • Wanting to tell the woman hiking behind us with her 4 small children that the "worst that can happen" is that her kids (who were nervous to keep going on the sloping rock) will slip and fall on the rocks, hit their head on said rocks, pass out and then drown in the river since she "can't help them" because she's holding a baby. I kept that awkwardness to myself though and let the kids believe their mother who told them that the worst that would happen is they would get a little wet from the river.
  • The amount of past Top Chef episodes we have been watching.
  • New makeup. I never get new makeup. So while Chad helped out with a church activity on Wednesday night, I ran over to Target, got completely overwhelmed, but found a few things to spruce up my face. Side note: why have I never owned a brow pencil until now? Miraculous.
  • Running outside! So happy that it's warm and sunny! My freckles are back :)
  • JT's new album. Awe-some. It's been playing non stop since we got it.
  • Ash and Pat and Vegas this weekend! Don't be jealous.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Scaredy Cat

So... me and heights. We just don't seem to get along. Last summer I really felt like I had conquered most of this stupid fear. And by conquer I mean I can keep my crazy in check and act like I'm okay. I had a few freak outs on top of a mountain, and then I finally got over it. After a nice long panicky cry and a second attempt, me and mountains made friends.

Zion's National Park on our 1st hike in the mountains last year
I climbed Angels Landing more times than I can count, and countless other ridiculous mountains that scare the poo out of me. I learned that my shoes really will grip the sloping rock and I won't fall. I also learned that I am coordinated (enough) and my body isn't going to suddenly spaz and throw me off the face of the rocks.

Angel's Landing last Summer

All of these lovely little lessons I learned flew out the freaking window yesterday though. We headed up to Red Cliffs to do some hiking in the 80 degree weather (Bam!). The Spring is beautiful there with a gorgeous river and lots of pools and little waterfalls.

I was a giant baby, taking tiny, little, slow steps on the sloping rock. Swearing I was going to slip off the rock. Panicking at steep parts, refusing to climb down parts I swore I couldn't climb back up (I could and I did). Chad was super patient with me though and convinced me to go everywhere he went.

We hiked up and down all of the gorgeous red rocks, and managed to get down to the river and play in the freezing cold water. We slid down waterfall "slides" and Chad jumped into the pools. We were tired, freezing and wet when we were done, and it was a ton of fun!

We are stoked that summer is finally here and we can head back outside to play :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • Dances at BYU. Holy cow there was just so much to watch. First, the "chaperones" that looked like they were all of 12 years old wandering around with light wands waving them at people. Second the guy in the coonskin hat. He had some killer moves. He just danced around all by himself, at one point he stole some guys date to dance with and near the end of the night I'm pretty sure Chad found himself in a dance off with him. There was no beating Chad though, he was on fire.
  • Speaking of fire... sitting down to use the potty only to have my bum catch on fire. Chad was nice enough to clean the toilets, just not nice enough to warn me he wasn't done. Sitting down in acid is no fun my friends, just in case you couldn't figure that one out on your own. 
  • Stopping at a garage sale where they were selling crappy pallet furniture that they made and then let a 2 year old paint. They were trying to sell this craptastic "furniture" for hundreds of dollars. Nope, I don't need a coffee table with a hidden door painted like the rainbow for $200, no thanks.
  • Rukia getting so excited to be at the tiny little dog park by us that she pooed all over herself. We let her run around for a hot second but then were too embarrassed by Miss Poo Butt to stay there. Don't even ask about the car ride home.
  • BYU dances
  • Coupons for ice cream. Eating said ice cream for breakfast.
  • An extra hour of sunshine! Now I don't feel like I need to go to bed at 8pm.
  • Chad's been able to sleep in all week!
  • SUSHI.
  • It was 82 degrees yesterday. 82. While super awesome, I am starting to get nervous that I will die in the crazy heat this summer, for reals.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Party in Provo

We decided to live it up BYU style once we got in to Provo Friday night. So the four of us put on some plaid and headed out to the Hoedown Preference! The last time I went to preference was seriously almost 10 years ago, and this was just as awesome as I remember.

We played some carnival games, piled in to the photobooth a few times, and let loose on the dance floor with a bunch of 18 year olds. It was awesome. If any of you have seen Chad's dancing skills you know it was a VERY good time. Those of you who remember the dancing from high school days... just know that the dancing has gotten even more wild and crazy :)

I forgot to take pictures of the pictures (classy no?) from when we were all in cowboy hats and mustaches, now that was a good look for us all. We finished the night off with some Magnum ice cream bars which were everything we wanted them to be.

Saturday morning Patrick made us a killer breakfast. Coconut crusted french toast anyone? SO good. Then we headed up to Salt Lake. We wandered around the new, beautiful mall. We spent most of our time oogling everything in Anthropologie. New life goal: be able to shop at this store.

Lunch consisted of delicious and huge sandwiches! We drank strange sparkling lemonades and orange juices and bought a few pieces of chocolate and caramels. Because if there's a Godiva anywhere close Chad and I will find it!

After lunch we headed back to the mall and crossed the street over to a modern art museum. It was freaky weird. Lots of TV's with strange images and weird voices talking to us. At one point Ashley pointed out Samara on one of the screens. But then Patrick led us to the karaoke room. He saved us from the creepy and we proceeded to spend hours singing karoake to our hearts content while Korean people danced on the screen to clearly different songs than we were singing. It was crazy, still slightly creepy, but outrageously fun.

Singing and Dancing to MmmBop
Chad's favorite thing is to dress up and go out, much of why he loves Las Vegas. So we all dressed up and headed out for dinner. Unfortunately we did not realize that all of the restaurants would close at 9, on a Saturday night. Where are we? St. George?! After a lot of failed attempts we finally found a great place where we feasted on Udon noodles and Sushi. Holy Goodness! It was delicious. Chad has been searching for good Udon noodles ever since Hawaii and we've both been searching for sushi since then as well. Mission accomplished. Too bad it's 3 1/2 hours away from us.

I just couldn't resist putting this picture up. 

Sunday morning Chad and I slept in while Ash and Pat went to church. We all had blizzards for breakfast, nachos for lunch, and played a crazy game, Munchkins, all afternoon. We finally managed to tear ourselves away and head back home. Crying the whole way. Ok, so we weren't crying, mostly because they'll be coming down to see us soon and party in Vegas :)

Woot Spring Break!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break

It's Spring Break week! So naturally we decided to leave this:

and head through the ice and snow to spend the weekend in this:

It was all worth it though thanks to these two:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Chad asked me if I thought he could climb up this. I of course said "no" so I could watch him do it.

  • Chad stepping out of the car and almost slipping and falling on.... a banana peel. Brilliant.
  • The creepy Ronald McDonald statue we found chillin' outside on someone porch.
  • Trying to give an older patient directions to our office. Keep in mind he had been here before. He was coming to pay a bill, I tried desperately to convince him to pay it over the phone or mail in a check. After 10 minutes he told me he was going to get off the phone and go get in his car. It was no surprise we he never showed. Two days later he called again. He had drove around all morning and ended up in Mesquite, 40 miles away, through a canyon and into Arizona. I told him that we were less than a mile down the road. He literally needed to only turn twice. After another 10 minute, direction giving, phone call he finally asks, "Do you think I could just mail you a check?" OMG, YES! For the love of everything holy please mail me a check! After confirming our address 189978 times (we included an envelope with his bill and he was literally reading it off the envelope) we were finally done. We'll see if the check makes it, I don't think I can handle another phone call.

  • Provo tomorrow with Ash and Pat!
  • Chad
  • 2 for $1 Churros at El Pollo Loco
  • Feeding a goose from my hand and screaming like a little girl when he touched me.
  • Sunshine. Sometimes I forget where we live and that I won't have to wait until July to see the sun. It's already starting to get hot :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Operation: Hair Free Zone

Chad had a beautiful, wonderful, marvelous idea this weekend. Get these animals and all of their hair out of our bedroom!

I did not have animals growing up, so when Chad and I got married and all of a sudden there was this furry creature sleeping next to my face, it was kinda gross. Sunny is not a curl up on the end of the bed and purr kind of cat. He's a "I'm gonna sleep on your face and suffocate you in the night" kinda cat. Cute right? Took some getting used to. Also, he was very used to sleeping with Chad, so he was less than thrilled that I was now there taking "his" place. More than once he has woken me up in the middle of the night pawing at my face, licking my face, sleeping on my face or just sitting and staring at me like he's planning out my murder. More than once I have picked him up and thrown placed him gingerly across the room off the bed.

Then we got Rukia. She was a wild and crazy pup. She was always so hyper and wound up that she could only ever sleep when we put her in her kennel. We tried to snuggle with our new little puppy but she was having none of it. As she's gotten older she's mellowed out (a bit) and has become rather snuggly... ok needy. Her favorite spot to sleep is at the foot of the bed. And while that doesn't sound too bad, having a 60ish pound dog sprawled out on her back at the "foot" of the bed, really means she is taking up the whole bottom half of our bed.

Then we got Penny. Whose favorite thing in the world is also to sleep next to our faces.

Combine their sleeping patterns with all the lovely animal hair and we had had enough. Especially with all the open mouth sleeping that's been going on lately thanks to being sick. Cat hair on your clothes is annoying, cat hair in the mouth is super gross town.

So this weekend we cleaned our room, washed all the bedding, washed the rug, dusted and vacuumed. I would quickly like to point out that the vacuuming took place after 1am, take that Brittany! Then we kicked all the animals out... and the crying started.

Sunny could care less, as long as he has food and water he is fine snuggled up on a chair downstairs with a fluffy blanket. Penny and Rukia have been sleeping slammed up against our door. Penny meows and cries, while Rukia huffs and puffs right along with her. Poor baby girls.

And while Penny and Rukia cry, Chad and I are reveling in our hair free, uninterrupted sleep! We'll see how long we last against the whining and sad pouty faces though.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lunch of Champions

Sometimes I get a little dramatic... especially at work... especially when I'm bored... and especially when I'm feeling crappy.

Sometimes I send texts like this to Chad while he's in class:

"I'm dying. Let's skip school and work and go snuggle and watch TV and sleep and eat donuts."
Sometimes he plays along and says he'll come pick me up, or ask me what's wrong (hello? I'm at work), and sometimes he'll bring me this:

Because there's really no better pick me up than redbull and donuts. And that's why my husband is the best.