Monday, March 18, 2013

Scaredy Cat

So... me and heights. We just don't seem to get along. Last summer I really felt like I had conquered most of this stupid fear. And by conquer I mean I can keep my crazy in check and act like I'm okay. I had a few freak outs on top of a mountain, and then I finally got over it. After a nice long panicky cry and a second attempt, me and mountains made friends.

Zion's National Park on our 1st hike in the mountains last year
I climbed Angels Landing more times than I can count, and countless other ridiculous mountains that scare the poo out of me. I learned that my shoes really will grip the sloping rock and I won't fall. I also learned that I am coordinated (enough) and my body isn't going to suddenly spaz and throw me off the face of the rocks.

Angel's Landing last Summer

All of these lovely little lessons I learned flew out the freaking window yesterday though. We headed up to Red Cliffs to do some hiking in the 80 degree weather (Bam!). The Spring is beautiful there with a gorgeous river and lots of pools and little waterfalls.

I was a giant baby, taking tiny, little, slow steps on the sloping rock. Swearing I was going to slip off the rock. Panicking at steep parts, refusing to climb down parts I swore I couldn't climb back up (I could and I did). Chad was super patient with me though and convinced me to go everywhere he went.

We hiked up and down all of the gorgeous red rocks, and managed to get down to the river and play in the freezing cold water. We slid down waterfall "slides" and Chad jumped into the pools. We were tired, freezing and wet when we were done, and it was a ton of fun!

We are stoked that summer is finally here and we can head back outside to play :)


  1. You go, Danielle! Like you, I share a fear of heights. You were brave, and you got some really good pictured to show for it.