Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • Not thinking that Miss Brittany and Baby Daddy is crazy because you've become used to them throwing things against the walls and 3am scream fests directly outside your bedroom window. 
  • Being reminded of Brittany's crazy when the police are at her apartment 3 times in one weekend. Really? 3 times? Let's get it together people.
  • My boss at work letting me know that I can start having kids now! What to do with said baby while Chad is in school for the next 230875 years and I have to work? No worries, I can bring this child with me to work and she will watch baby Lewis. I can just hear the rest of my family cheering along with her :)
  • Hearing weird chirping noises coming from the office next door. Finally realizing that the chirping is actually a tiny, little dog that is being treated in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. We could hear the technician say, "my wife will never believe this, do you mind if I take a picture?". We were practically rolling on the floors laughing.
  • Running the 3.5 miles home from work yesterday only to find myself locked out of our house. No worries, Chad will be home from class in a few minutes. Wrrrooong. Chad was having too good of a time in his rock climbing class and decided to stay an extra hour. Nothing like realizing you can break into your house in 2 seconds flat. Up and through the kitchen window I went!

  • Las Vegas with Ash and Pat.
  • Ridiculously expensive desserts that taste like heaven.
  • Chad's self portraits he took for his photography class.
  • Face Time and Skype
  • Flavored Red Bull. The cranberry kind is oh so yummy.
  • It's almost the weekend. Because isn't that usually the most awesome thing about Thursdays?

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