Thursday, March 7, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Chad asked me if I thought he could climb up this. I of course said "no" so I could watch him do it.

  • Chad stepping out of the car and almost slipping and falling on.... a banana peel. Brilliant.
  • The creepy Ronald McDonald statue we found chillin' outside on someone porch.
  • Trying to give an older patient directions to our office. Keep in mind he had been here before. He was coming to pay a bill, I tried desperately to convince him to pay it over the phone or mail in a check. After 10 minutes he told me he was going to get off the phone and go get in his car. It was no surprise we he never showed. Two days later he called again. He had drove around all morning and ended up in Mesquite, 40 miles away, through a canyon and into Arizona. I told him that we were less than a mile down the road. He literally needed to only turn twice. After another 10 minute, direction giving, phone call he finally asks, "Do you think I could just mail you a check?" OMG, YES! For the love of everything holy please mail me a check! After confirming our address 189978 times (we included an envelope with his bill and he was literally reading it off the envelope) we were finally done. We'll see if the check makes it, I don't think I can handle another phone call.

  • Provo tomorrow with Ash and Pat!
  • Chad
  • 2 for $1 Churros at El Pollo Loco
  • Feeding a goose from my hand and screaming like a little girl when he touched me.
  • Sunshine. Sometimes I forget where we live and that I won't have to wait until July to see the sun. It's already starting to get hot :)


  1. So funny! I can't believe he slipped on a banana peel!!
    Any churro is good, and the sun is alwasy awesome when it's been hidden behind winter coulds!


  2. I can't stop laughing at the banana peel, that's awesome!

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  4. how frustrating for you and for that poor old man. did you just want to get in your car and drive to him??? i love it that you said no just so chad would climb that thing, too funny!! have a great weekend!

  5. Love it! I work in a nursing home so I feel your pain EVERY DAY!!! Swinging through with the blog hop and I am your newest follower! Check me out @ when you get a chance:)

  6. Oh Goodness....but where was Brittany? :P

    I'm excited for the sun to return...but not the heat. We were melting in church yesterday.