Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Party in Provo

We decided to live it up BYU style once we got in to Provo Friday night. So the four of us put on some plaid and headed out to the Hoedown Preference! The last time I went to preference was seriously almost 10 years ago, and this was just as awesome as I remember.

We played some carnival games, piled in to the photobooth a few times, and let loose on the dance floor with a bunch of 18 year olds. It was awesome. If any of you have seen Chad's dancing skills you know it was a VERY good time. Those of you who remember the dancing from high school days... just know that the dancing has gotten even more wild and crazy :)

I forgot to take pictures of the pictures (classy no?) from when we were all in cowboy hats and mustaches, now that was a good look for us all. We finished the night off with some Magnum ice cream bars which were everything we wanted them to be.

Saturday morning Patrick made us a killer breakfast. Coconut crusted french toast anyone? SO good. Then we headed up to Salt Lake. We wandered around the new, beautiful mall. We spent most of our time oogling everything in Anthropologie. New life goal: be able to shop at this store.

Lunch consisted of delicious and huge sandwiches! We drank strange sparkling lemonades and orange juices and bought a few pieces of chocolate and caramels. Because if there's a Godiva anywhere close Chad and I will find it!

After lunch we headed back to the mall and crossed the street over to a modern art museum. It was freaky weird. Lots of TV's with strange images and weird voices talking to us. At one point Ashley pointed out Samara on one of the screens. But then Patrick led us to the karaoke room. He saved us from the creepy and we proceeded to spend hours singing karoake to our hearts content while Korean people danced on the screen to clearly different songs than we were singing. It was crazy, still slightly creepy, but outrageously fun.

Singing and Dancing to MmmBop
Chad's favorite thing is to dress up and go out, much of why he loves Las Vegas. So we all dressed up and headed out for dinner. Unfortunately we did not realize that all of the restaurants would close at 9, on a Saturday night. Where are we? St. George?! After a lot of failed attempts we finally found a great place where we feasted on Udon noodles and Sushi. Holy Goodness! It was delicious. Chad has been searching for good Udon noodles ever since Hawaii and we've both been searching for sushi since then as well. Mission accomplished. Too bad it's 3 1/2 hours away from us.

I just couldn't resist putting this picture up. 

Sunday morning Chad and I slept in while Ash and Pat went to church. We all had blizzards for breakfast, nachos for lunch, and played a crazy game, Munchkins, all afternoon. We finally managed to tear ourselves away and head back home. Crying the whole way. Ok, so we weren't crying, mostly because they'll be coming down to see us soon and party in Vegas :)

Woot Spring Break!


  1. looks like a super fun weekend! photo booths are the best!

  2. I love that you karaoked to MmmBop! I have that on my Ipod and my family mocks me to no end. Now I can show them you and Ashley MmmBopping and be cool by association. Because nothing says Cool like Hanson.