Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Operation: Hair Free Zone

Chad had a beautiful, wonderful, marvelous idea this weekend. Get these animals and all of their hair out of our bedroom!

I did not have animals growing up, so when Chad and I got married and all of a sudden there was this furry creature sleeping next to my face, it was kinda gross. Sunny is not a curl up on the end of the bed and purr kind of cat. He's a "I'm gonna sleep on your face and suffocate you in the night" kinda cat. Cute right? Took some getting used to. Also, he was very used to sleeping with Chad, so he was less than thrilled that I was now there taking "his" place. More than once he has woken me up in the middle of the night pawing at my face, licking my face, sleeping on my face or just sitting and staring at me like he's planning out my murder. More than once I have picked him up and thrown placed him gingerly across the room off the bed.

Then we got Rukia. She was a wild and crazy pup. She was always so hyper and wound up that she could only ever sleep when we put her in her kennel. We tried to snuggle with our new little puppy but she was having none of it. As she's gotten older she's mellowed out (a bit) and has become rather snuggly... ok needy. Her favorite spot to sleep is at the foot of the bed. And while that doesn't sound too bad, having a 60ish pound dog sprawled out on her back at the "foot" of the bed, really means she is taking up the whole bottom half of our bed.

Then we got Penny. Whose favorite thing in the world is also to sleep next to our faces.

Combine their sleeping patterns with all the lovely animal hair and we had had enough. Especially with all the open mouth sleeping that's been going on lately thanks to being sick. Cat hair on your clothes is annoying, cat hair in the mouth is super gross town.

So this weekend we cleaned our room, washed all the bedding, washed the rug, dusted and vacuumed. I would quickly like to point out that the vacuuming took place after 1am, take that Brittany! Then we kicked all the animals out... and the crying started.

Sunny could care less, as long as he has food and water he is fine snuggled up on a chair downstairs with a fluffy blanket. Penny and Rukia have been sleeping slammed up against our door. Penny meows and cries, while Rukia huffs and puffs right along with her. Poor baby girls.

And while Penny and Rukia cry, Chad and I are reveling in our hair free, uninterrupted sleep! We'll see how long we last against the whining and sad pouty faces though.


  1. You could get them to stop crying by having people come to visit...>.>

    and at least penny doesn't do what the cat from this video does.

    1. Holy cow that's an annoying cat! I wouldn't lock that cat out of anywhere!

  2. Your pets look so sweet. :) I can see why you suffer on their behalf.


  3. Ha! Yeah, my cat likes to sleep on my head...I don't think he started out doing this, and I'm not a fan. I will also turn to find him staring at me for who knows how long and planning who knows what dastardly plans!