Thursday, June 27, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Chad took some rockin' pictures of his friend rock climbing the other day. When you're too exhausted from doing P90X with your crazy wife to climb... you take pictures!!!
  • Turning on the space heater at work because although it's 100 degrees outside, it's only 78 inside. When has 78 ever been too cold?
  • Trying to take pictures of the awesome Super Moon. Unfortunately for us, St George decided that would be the perfect night to be cloudy. We haven't seen a cloud in 2 months, and probably won't again until Monsoon season :) Great timing.
  • A patient trying to set me up with his friend. This patient is 75 years old, but his friend is a whopping 20 years younger! To make it even better, he thought I was 18. He then proceeded to lecture me about how I was running out of time to have kids once he found out I was actually married and 28.
  • Publishing this yesterday because I thought it was Thursday. Nope, slow your roll there missy, still just Wednesday.
  • Penny is our cockroach alarm. While it would be more awesome if she would actually hunt down the buggers and kill them, this works pretty well. Middle of the night and Penny is screaming her head off? Someone found a cockroach.
  • Making it through the first week of P90X without dying.
  • Buy one get one coupons, I love it when I don't have to cook dinner.
  • The fact that Chad loves chocolate chip pancakes and could have them every night for dinner. It works out well when we are out of coupons ;) We may have had them twice in the past 4 days...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Right Now

Right now I am....

Hating my stupid, cracked, dying phone. It won't hold it's charge if I decide to occasionally use it throughout the day. And that's not including the times that it refuses to charge at all when it's plugged in. The camera on it's stupid and the smashed front doesn't help either, but that one is my bad. Can't wait to be able to get a new one.

Watching old episodes of Project Runway at work. While the doctors away.... Don't worry, I will be paying for it with tomorrow's schedule.

Feeling sorry for the poor pup. Rukia has ear mites. Her ears are s-t-i-n-k-y. They are red, they have black and brown goop in them, it's a nasty situation. So the poor pup is shaking her head every 5 seconds and being super needy since she is feeling sicky. We are armed with Hydrogen Peroxide, Mineral Oil, Vitamin C powder and Vitamin E. So hopefully she will be feeling better soon.

Confused as to why eating Smacks cereal makes my pee smell like Smacks. It's gross.

Excited to go home and bake banana bread and chocolate chip cookies, but mostly excited about the oreo cupcake that my boss got me for lunch! Mmmmm

Dreading doing AbRipper tonight. I know it's only 15 mintues but it is the Worst.

Friday, June 21, 2013

That's a Short Uncle

Oh Tony. In your words, I love you but I hate you.

We started P90X this week. I convinced Chad to "start" with the rest day only because Monday is a horrible day to start working out. It's Monday! We talked with Nikki and Matt on facetime instead and ate brownie sundaes in bed. Pretty successful rest day if you ask me.

Then the horror began. Of course I'm mostly talking about Ab Ripper. True to it's name it feels like someone has ripped apart my abs. Chad's however are becoming ripped all ready. Either way you look at it, I guess it's doing it's job... making us want to lay in bed the next day and never move again.

We may be done with the week (yay!), we are only halfway through our workout week. While we normally slack off on the weekends, it's really too hot to do anything but hide inside our house, so might as well work out right? Right. Wish us luck.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red Bull Sabotage

Last week we managed to stay on Indiana time. It was glorious. We went to bed early, were up and ready for the day early, we were on fire.

Then Father's Day came. While Chad took me shopping for Mother's Day, we celebrated Father's Day with Red Bull. Because that's what you do when you are post vacation poor. We made brownie sundaes and drank our giant 16 oz Red Bulls and loved it. Well, until it was 11pm at night and we were still super wired.

Now we know. It isn't the staying up super late on the weekends and sleeping in until noon that sabotages us for the week. It's the Red Bulls. Normal people with any sort of sense probably could have figured that out. Not us. We love Red Bull. It is delicious. It gives you wings, whether you want them or not, no matter the time of day/night.

So Sunday night was a long and restless one, which means that this week we are back to normal. Wanting to stay up late and punch the alarm in the morning.

Happy Father's Day


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Awkard and Awesome Thursday

Chad tried to scoot this little guy back into the bunny nest only to scare the crap out of him and send him running into the neighbors yard. Chad of course then ran after it, thinking the poor bunny would not be able to find his way home and really needed his help now. The bunny then starts crying and "yelling", running in and out of the road. Finally Chad caught him, only because the poor thing was exhausted. But, mission accomplished, he slipped him back into his little bunny nest, only to find all the other ones gone. Apparently they were just old enough to be allowed outside :)
  • The guy that we pulled up to at a red light on a motorcycle in full on snow gear. I'm talking a coat, hat and gloves in 80 degree weather + humidity.
  • I brought one pair of shoes camping that remained wet the whole time. Rather than wear wet shoes around the campsite I channeled my inner Brittney Spears and used the restrooms barefoot the full 3 days. That's how I roll when camping.
  • The old woman who got mad at me when I informed her that she was in my seat on the plane. I apologized that she had to move and she proceeded to grumble about how rude I was. Sorry you still don't have a handle on your numbers lady.
  • Getting upset with Chad when he lost our SD cards for a hot second. Then I proceeded to loose my glasses after we got home from camping. He of course was super helpful and optimistic about it all. Luckily Nikki and Matt were able to find all of the lost things.
  • Spending all last week with friends and family. We are lucky ducks.
  • Nikki and Matt had a nest full of baby bunnies right by their front door.
  • Death by Chocolate Ice Cream... and Strawberry for Chad.
  • Kieli teaching Chad how to do handstands. She was a rockin' teacher and he is a lot better now!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Campers

Clifty Falls! Chad and I love this place and were super stoked to be able to go back with Nikki, Matt and all the kids.

After we got the fire situation under control we were good to go. While we aren't allowed to build fires at home anymore, something about burning the whole west down, the Midwest is just so darn humid and wet that nothing wanted to burn. I'm talking 95% humidity at night, and it wasn't raining. But everything was still wet. The wood, the grass... our pillows. Fun stuff. The second night was a much better fire night.

We had great food the whole time! Nikki had it all planned out and everything was delicious. Much better than the nachos we attempted on our car last time we were camping together :) The kids, Matt and Chad each had a s'more. Then I'm pretty sure Nikki and I ate the rest of them.

We spent 3 awesome days there. I loved all of the trees and water! While the desert has perks, and is definitely majestic and beautiful, I feel at home surrounded by green, trees, lakes and rivers.

We saw our share of wildlife: water snakes "attacked" Kieli, Blake ran into a dead turtle, we found a cool salamander, tons of fish and tadpoles, and Chad picked ticks off of me. Don't be jealous.

We hiked through rivers to the bases of waterfalls, through the woods to the tops of waterfalls, and Chad helped everyone get in some rock climbing. Kieli was a rockstar and tried climbing everything that Chad did. Blake and Greyson were super stars too. They had no fear, and were fast! They were able to get just as high as everyone else!

We can't wait to see where our next annual camping trip will be with Nikki and Matt ;)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sno in June

All Matt wanted was a sno cone and some Kneaders French toast. While he knew we couldn't bring sno cones all the way to Indiana he knew we could bring some of Kneaders cinnamon bread and whip up the best French toast ever.

Sad day for Matt when we showed up empty handed. I thought he might take us back to the airport and tell us to go home and try again ;)

Then a surprise package showed up on their doorstep just a few days later. Inside was a loaf of the cinnamon bread, Kneaders syrup and two different flavors of sno cone syrup. After a quick trip out we had a sno cone machine to whip them up!

And while they may miss the awesome sno cones and French toast that we have I already miss getting ice cream from Scoops. Somehow St. George is missing a great ice cream place. We more than made up for it though by getting ice cream almost every day. My grandma would be so proud.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spoiled Rotten

Chad and I spent the last couple days being completely spoiled.

The plane ride junked up my back, surprise surprise, so Debbie took care of me. Love being around Mommas :) There were back rubs, foot rubs, massagers, and tylenol PM, all courtesy of Debbie. She helped my poor back make it through the first day. There's nothing better than having a mom around when you aren't feeling well.

Then we celebrated Chad's birthday. The big 2-6. Not only did we get to spend all day with Nikki, Matt, the babies and his mom, but my parents and brother came down along with our 2 best friends from Michigan.

My parents and Taylor were rockstars and brought us down a ton of mexican food from our very favorite restaurant. They took the whole gang of us out to lunch to celebrate Chad and Jared's birthday! Aside from birthday presents my dad slipped us some "gas money" right before they left.

Will and Jared drove down at 4am just to spend Chad's birthday with him. It's Jared's birthday the day after Chad's and they always celebrate their birthdays together, we were happy we got to keep the tradition alive!

Oh I did I mention that Nikki and Matt flew us out to spend a week with them? We only get to have this awesome vacation because of them. I guess they like us or something.

We've also been getting snuggles galore from the kids who barely let us out of their sight, and we are loving every single minute of it!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Best Week Ever

We made it! We've survived a red eye flight, celebrated birthdays, baked cakes, thrown out backs, devoured chimichangas, ate half a jar of salsa, played games, and spent the whole last day with part of mine and Chad's family and our two very best friends. And we've only been here 2 days. Can't wait for the rest of the week!