Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Campers

Clifty Falls! Chad and I love this place and were super stoked to be able to go back with Nikki, Matt and all the kids.

After we got the fire situation under control we were good to go. While we aren't allowed to build fires at home anymore, something about burning the whole west down, the Midwest is just so darn humid and wet that nothing wanted to burn. I'm talking 95% humidity at night, and it wasn't raining. But everything was still wet. The wood, the grass... our pillows. Fun stuff. The second night was a much better fire night.

We had great food the whole time! Nikki had it all planned out and everything was delicious. Much better than the nachos we attempted on our car last time we were camping together :) The kids, Matt and Chad each had a s'more. Then I'm pretty sure Nikki and I ate the rest of them.

We spent 3 awesome days there. I loved all of the trees and water! While the desert has perks, and is definitely majestic and beautiful, I feel at home surrounded by green, trees, lakes and rivers.

We saw our share of wildlife: water snakes "attacked" Kieli, Blake ran into a dead turtle, we found a cool salamander, tons of fish and tadpoles, and Chad picked ticks off of me. Don't be jealous.

We hiked through rivers to the bases of waterfalls, through the woods to the tops of waterfalls, and Chad helped everyone get in some rock climbing. Kieli was a rockstar and tried climbing everything that Chad did. Blake and Greyson were super stars too. They had no fear, and were fast! They were able to get just as high as everyone else!

We can't wait to see where our next annual camping trip will be with Nikki and Matt ;)

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