Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let the FAILing continue

Recent Fails:
  • Trying to take pictures of the moon
  • Trying to take pictures of the sunset
  • Trying to take pictures of the sunset again
  • Trying to hike at Red Cliffs
  • Trying to lay out in the sun and tan up a bit
  • Trying to run
  • Trying to swim in the pool
  • Trying to rock climb
  • Trying to take Rukia to the dog park
  • Trying sushi in St. George... again

Friday happened to be a doozy. We drove out to Red Cliffs with the pup expecting to be able to hike a short ways to some awesome pools and cool off. It was a long drive in the hot car. We made it all the way out there only to find that they had shut it down due to flash flooding damage. We were hoping the rain would fill up the pools, not shut them down. Bummer.

So we drove back home and decided to go hang out in the pool. After 10 minutes the dark clouds rolled in and we rolled out. Back inside we went.

Later that night we tried a new sushi place. Chad's friend from church really liked it so we thought we would give it a try. Worst decision ever. We only got two rolls, since we had be burned before, and only managed to eat the one. We had Tums for dessert and cursed them on Yelp. While we thought we had learned our lesson before, we are really hoping that we have now, do not eat sushi in St. George. Just don't.

The dog park was a fail Sunday night, she tried to say "hi" to the anti-social aggressive dog. It ended in doggy tears and yelps. So we went to the park near our house and ran around outside, the three of us in the COOL night air. It was glorious. Rukia figured out how to pick up a Frisbee and we loved the breeze. Yesterday we were commenting on how nice it was outside, and how it was so wonderful that, while hot, we didn't feel like we were going to die. It was 98°.

Hopefully your weeks have been slightly more successful than ours and you are all enjoying your hot and sweaty summer :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Zumba Fail

Years ago my sister and I decided to rent a workout dvd from the library. Paula Abdul was teaching us cardio dance moves. It was a riot. We were terrible at it. I think we tried it a couple times before realizing we were much happier running outside, chatting the entire way.

So you think that I would have known how this whole zumba thing was going to play out. But everybody and their mom loves it so I thought that I would give it a try, in the privacy of my own home of course. I wasn't about to shell out money to go make a fool of myself for an hour. So I found a bunch of youtube videos and decided to give it a whirl one night while Chad was at camp.

Keegan should also be fully aware of how this turned out, she tried to teach me turbo jam. Which also required way too much coordination for me. Often times I found myself just jumping up and down because there was no way I was going to figure out the moves before we moved on to new ones.

So there I was in my living room, dripping in sweat, barely doing any of the moves when I finally came to the conclusion that I already had twice before. Cardio dance-ish classes of any kind are not for me. I'm sure you get the hang of it and I'm sure it's way more fun to go take a class, but I really just seem to lack the coordination.

So I tried a Barre video the next day. Holy Freaking Cow. I managed to get through the 20 minute video, legs shaking and trembling the entire time. That stuff was no joke. If you ever want to feel like you have little baby legs with absolutely no strength give this a whirl. Those Ballerinas are serious yo. At any rate I was feeling it the next day.

Now that Chad's back from camp the break is over. I attempted a 4 mile run/jog/walk/crawl the other day at noon in the 100° heat. Not my finest moment. Today we start back at P90X. And while it's a pain and it's long, I am certainly coordinated enough to do all the moves. And that, my friends, is a win.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

While the cat's away...

Chad had the wonderful opportunity to go up to boy scout camp for the last half of the week. Not only is he thrilled to be camping for 3 nights in the rain, he is super stoked about all the merit badges that will be happening ;)

And while he is partying at camp, I get to party at home solo style. Which means falling asleep at 8 o'clock to Netflix and eating mine + Chad's share of cookies.

The only glitch was at 1 am when Rukia decides to start barking and running around like crazy because she heard something. Yeah, she didn't actually hear anything but that didn't stop me from creeping downstairs ninja style to search the whole house before going back to sleep.

Up on the schedule for tonight. Visiting teachers, popcorn for dinner, and hopefully a nice long walk with the pup. That's only if I can manage to stay awake that long though.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

First, I would just like to clarify that we are not in the habit of letting random strangers into our house. And when we do, we call the police on them :) Secondly, we really do keep our house locked up well, we have a very loud dog that barks at anyone or anything that passes by the front/back/side of our apartment, and we don't regularly leave everything of value within 5 feet of our front door. In fact we never do unless we are home and using it.

To top it all of we have all kinds of people going in and out of the apartment next door all day long. Seriously, I feel like I never see the same people twice. We've decided they either teach piano lessons or sell drugs. And I've never heard any kind of music coming out of their apartment so I'll just let you come to the same conclusions that I've come to. I have decided that the constant flow of people will deter any potential robbers from breaking into my house. It's just too hard when the neighbors are this busy... and getting the police called on them. I'm just a glass half full type of gal this morning :) Aaaaand, to top it all off they have never asked once to borrow anything. Love my drug dealing neighbors.

  • Almost running over a chicken in the road. What the....
  • Dumping hot enchilada sauce all over the kitchen (ok, and me and Chad). Then trying to re-correct and spilling even more.
  • Trying to chase down one of our neighbors small dogs at 3am. She left over the weekend and the stupid thing was just wandering around barking ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  
  • Trying to lay out in the sun and get some color (hiding in your house from the heat means you stay as white as you are when it's the dead of winter) only to give up less than a half hour in because you are drenched and dying from heat stroke. Ok, not really, but holy smokes it was too hot.
  • Chad's homemade chimichangas.
  • Have I mentioned that we turned our guest bedroom into a giant closet? I can't remember, but it's awesome for when you don't want to fold clean laundry.
  • SnapChat with Taylor
  • Getting Rukia to play on the play structure at the park. She wasn't about to go down the slide though.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

♪ I think I'm Paranoid ♪


Friday afternoon we had a knock at our door. Chad goes to answer it and it's a young guy going around from a carpet cleaning company. They're new in town and are offering a deal, they'll clean one room for free! Can he come in and take a look at our most high traffic area?

Yeah, sure, why not, right? So he comes in our doorway and briefly tells us about their magical foam cleaning that they do, someone can be here in 10 minutes to clean our carpets! Then his attention shifts to all of our electronics that we have out. And we literally had all of them out, in one spot, right in front of him. Chad's camera gear catches his fancy and suddenly he forgets all about the carpets and starts asking Chad questions about his photography. Then he wants to know what kind of dog we have. All the while, eyeing all of our stuff.

We decline the free cleaning and ask for a brochure that he said he had with prices and such. Except for now he doesn't have any. He doesn't have a brochure, pamphlet, not even a business card. So he leaves and goes to our neighbors house and we are sitting, looking at each other, thinking... he just cased our house.

So being the crazy people we are, we run around the house, double checking all the locks on the windows and doors and then came back and still felt pretty awful. We knew for a fact this little twerp just put us on his "To Rob" list.

So instead of feeling super paranoid the rest of the night, we called the police. They were here in less than 10 minutes, said it sounded a little fishy to them too, and went and checked it out.

Luckily they checked out, one of the guys going around had a business license, or whatever type of license you need. We were happy that they were legit and that we didn't need to be paranoid the rest of the night, although we may have packed up all of our things and took them with us when we went out to Subway that night. Because we've seen It Takes a Thief and know that 5 minutes is just long enough. Paranoid much?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heat Induced Rage

Chad and I have come to a very important realization.

All the turmoil in the middle east? All comes down to one thing.

It's too freakin' hot. Waaaaaaay too hot.

Sand Dunes at Snow Canyon
We are normally very nice people. My patients love me, the nursing home folks love me, Chad's young men at church think he great, our primary kids seemed to like us too ;) All of our bosses and coworkers seemed to generally like us as well. We are generally pleasant people.

Except when it's over 100°. It's turning us into crazy, deranged, mad people.

We were driving home from the grocery store last week when I decided to loose my mind. We were in our car trying to get out of the parking lot. I am on fire, dripping in sweat, and outrageously jealous of everyone in their cars with their stupid windows rolled up with their A/C blasting. So I am slightly irritated when a small group of people decide that it would be awesome to stop in the middle of the road right next to the store opening and chit chat. I am dying here people, let's move it onto the sidewalk!!! And that is in fact what I decided to yell out my window, like a lunatic, to these people.

"Move it onto the sidewalk people!"
Not my finest moment, I generally try to avoid yelling at random people in public, but the heat...

Later that week we had to go to the post office. Which, let's just be honest, is annoying on a good day. Chad waits in the car for me to run in. It of course takes me longer than it should and as we are trying to leave, so is the car to our left, and the car to our right. The car to our right backs out first and before she can shift into drive, the car to our left decides to pull out in front of her and block us all in. Now we are in Utah, so this somehow turns into a 234 point turn. She's taking forever, cutting us all off, and we are hotter than you know what. So I, of course, reach over and start honking the horn. And Chad starts yelling like a crazy person out the window at her. You guys, she was right there. And unlike my parking lot rant, we couldn't just drive away. There were people going in and out of the post office, staring at the two crazy, red faced, sweaty people, yelling up a storm at the woman next to us, who refused to look at us (smart lady) and couldn't back out of a parking spot to save her life.

The heat people, it messes with you.

Monday, July 8, 2013


It has been unseasonably hot here. Which means that it has been unseasonably quiet around here as well. Temperatures above 110° only allow for certain types of activities:

  • Eating Sno Cones
  • Lying perfectly still underneath ceiling fans
  • Drinking outrageous amounts of water
  • Hiding in your house from the sun
To top it all off we have no A/C in our car. Which means we are seriously not leaving this house, except for work... and to get sno cones of course. It also means we are back to the season of wearing as little clothing as possible. This is one of the reasons there aren't many pictures happening around these parts. Boringness + Nakedness = No Pictures. This actually really does cut down on the whole laundry thing though so there's one perk I guess.

We did attempt to go out last week. We thought we would take some pictures of the most awesome sunsets we've been having lately. So we headed out with the pup and after failing to get any good pictures, we were HOT. Because even though the sun was down and no longer assaulting us on all fronts, it was still over 100°. And while it may not be humid, "but it's a drrrrryyy heat", it's still over 100°, and that my friends, is too hot, no matter how you slice it.

So for now we will stick to the comfort of our house, do P90X like crazy people, and wait for the heat to cool it, at least a little, before we head back outside again.