Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I'm sure, like we did, you thought our neighbor problems were gone. We had a couple living next door. He was a little weird but she was super friendly and very nice. We've helped each other out with car problems, gave friendly waves and were generally nice with each other. Then Sunday happened.

We've decided that the apartment next to us is most definitely cursed. Let's recap, I've told you horror stories of the druggy baby mama with the abusive boyfriend, the one who tried to "borrow" our internet and phones forever, and the heroin dealers that we got arrested. I long for our first neighbors who we could hear snoring all night and smoked outside our front door constantly.

Back to Sunday, they have been packing and getting ready to move out for the past couple weeks when apparently as our neighbor girl was cleaning up the apartment to move she found a bunch of weird drug stuff, discovered her boyfriend was doing heroin and also selling meth. That apartment is cursed. No one leaves without a drug addiction or jail sentence, it's craziness. At least this time we lived next to a courteous druggie. I'd like to think we are moving in the right direction.

Needless to say I'm less than hopeful as to what kind of crazy we're going to be dealing with next.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Clearly I am a genius of sorts then.
  • Waking up to a thunder storm. Almost as good as falling asleep first thing to one.
  • The giant 2 lb container of homemade mac and cheese in our fridge
  • We finally have a dining room table! Granted it's a patio table but we've been hunching over our coffee table for dinner ever since we got to Utah, so this is a nice change.
  • Sleeping on the couch. So much better than the bed. So much lonelier though. Although Chad is sleeping on the other one across the room from me so I don't have to sleep by myself. 
  • New Scrubs! The new girl in our office clearly hasn't worked in the medical field before because she is less than thrilled about them, and I'm in the back dancing around singing "I feel pretty".


  • The weird blue mountain dew. Code Red? Amazing. It's forever associated with Kyle and Idaho for some reason. But beyond good memories it tastes delicious. Blue mountain dew? No thank you.
  • Finally getting a piano, ok keyboard, and not being able to sit up well enough to really play it right now.
  • Gaining over 10 pounds when I was on steroids the beginning of last month. Luckily it's gone now.
  • Feeling like I might die in 30% humidity. I lied, it's 37% today and it's disgusting. Granted it is around 105, so there's that.
I've thought everyday this week, starting with Tuesday, was Thursday. So I am thrilled it's actually Thursday and tomorrow is Friday and next week we have Pioneer Day on top of the Dr. being in Nevada for 2 days. Pioneer Day still seems like a silly holiday but if it means I get a day off work I'll take it. Thankyouverymuch.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

A couple days ago we got a knock at our door. Strange for us since we hadn't ordered anything off amazon and have no real friends here. lol. So Chad answers the door to find a Hungry Howie's delivery guy there trying to deliver us food. We explained that we hadn't ordered anything and he read u back the address, which was ours. He said someone had called in the order for us and paid the tip and all that jazz. There was however, a butt load of food. This clearly wasn't for us so we sent him away and told him to double check the address.

A few minutes later we get another knock on the door. Heeee's back! He said he checked the address and that this was for us! We still knew he was wrong. There were wings, regular breadsticks, cinnamon sticks, a deep dish pizza, and a regular pizza. Little much for 2 people. But we had sent away free food once and that's pretty much our limit, so we were confused but definitely took it. The dinner question was solved and free!

So we were eating our fantastic free dinner and had convinced ourselves that maybe someone had in fact got it for us. I just got a new visiting teacher and the bishop had just seen me hobbling around trying to get some relief in the pool, also our home teachers have been a little more active lately. I clearly look like a crippled person, so we thought maybe someone took pity on us.


We got another knock on the door a few slices of pizza later. Our neighbors who live in 1201 (we live in 201) were at our door, and we knew why. We actually get along really great with them so it wasn't super awkward, just a bit. She had hurt her knee and her sister had ordered dinner for her family. She laughed at us with all that ridiculous amount of food and then called and finally got her dinner. Win Win for everyone I guess.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th ofJuly Old Lady Style

Oh 3 day weekends, how we love you! I loved it even more this year because I could lay on the couch for 3 whole days and do absolutely nothing. Nothing. And my back was so happy with me for it. Well, happier. There were no BBQ's, no lounging by the pool, no hiking, no climbing, no lakes, no fireworks, no nothing, and while boring, it was just perfect this year.

I crashed on one couch the entire weekend and obviously Rukia took this one.
Chad was able to work over the weekend, good thing cause we were out of couches ;) I watched way to much food network and we discovered an amazing show, True Detective. Ah-mazing. Matthew McConaughey was lovely in romantic comedies but holy cow he's fantastic in serious roles. Seriously, go watch all the movies he's recently done that don't involve love ferns and be prepared to love every single minute of it. And this tv show, so good, like a good book good.

This is literally what I looked like the entire weekend. Short hair bed head is the best. 
Our tribute to celebrating the 4th was to have bbq chicken sandwiches, watch all of True Detective, eat those firecracker popsicles while complaining about how loud the actual fireworks were outside as we were trying to watch tv. Super Cool Party People over here.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Chad realized a few things once he started working at Kneaders,
  1. Waking up at 4 am every Saturday is horrible, awful, no good and rotten
  2. Working 10 hour (or longer) shifts with absolutely no break is just as ridiculous
  3. He wasn't getting paid enough to make any of this even kinda worth it.
  4. I also did not like waking up that early to take him to work, and he in turn loved riding his bike in 100 degree weather to come pick up the car after work. whine, whine, whine....
So Chad started handing out more resumes and within the week had himself a shiny new job that didn't involve food, gross non skid shoes, or 4am. #Winning

In fact the woman who interviewed him loved him so much she told him that he didn't realize just how much he had to offer and instead of just offering him a sales associate position, she wanted him to be an assistant manager.

He's now working at White House Black Market and the women there literally cannot get enough of him. They love his style, the customers are constantly asking who they can leave great comments to about him, and his manager is loving him to bits. He's getting paid more since he's an assistant manager and we both don't have to wake up before the sun. Woot! In addition to that Chad's excited to be working somewhere where he can dress nice, get paid decent, and dress women. Because, let's be honest, having Chad dress you? That's the dream.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy {5}

Happiness is....

having a stable job with employers who are willing to help me with medical problems.
having friends at an old job who are also willing to help with those stinking medical problems.
sleeping with a million strategically placed pillows.
a family who would do absolutely anything for me.
a pool, even if its tiny and filled with a million kids.
homemade dinners by Chad, he makes a killer steak, and French toast, and pico and most things.
phone calls to parents.
fruit salad with homemade whipped cream.
kind and generous doctors.
priesthood blessings.
short hair, somehow everyday is a good hair day now.
lots of dangly earrings.

Above all else happiness is knowing that my parents would do absolutely anything for me. Even though I'm almost 30 and feel like I should have my ish together, sometimes you just don't, sometimes you need help, sometimes you need your mom and dad to tell you that everything will be okay. I know that they would do absolutely anything for me and I love them so very much.

Not to gush even more about my awesome hubby but he has truly been my source of happiness during this. I know people are always saying that you shouldn't rely on others for your own happiness but I really have leaned on him the past few months. He is my rock. I know that he would do absolutely anything for me, because he has. I've already gone on and on about all he has done for me so I'll try not to do that again. It amazes me the amount of love and compassion he has for me. I know he's just as tired and frustrated as me but he never shows it, only love. I am grateful everyday to be married to him and beyond happy that I get to spend my life with him.

I may not be able to do much of what makes me happy right now but the people I have in my life are amazing and fill me with happiness and gratitude. Life never seems to go as planned but I am so happy that I have such wonderful people in my life to help me through the tough parts.