Thursday, July 10, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

A couple days ago we got a knock at our door. Strange for us since we hadn't ordered anything off amazon and have no real friends here. lol. So Chad answers the door to find a Hungry Howie's delivery guy there trying to deliver us food. We explained that we hadn't ordered anything and he read u back the address, which was ours. He said someone had called in the order for us and paid the tip and all that jazz. There was however, a butt load of food. This clearly wasn't for us so we sent him away and told him to double check the address.

A few minutes later we get another knock on the door. Heeee's back! He said he checked the address and that this was for us! We still knew he was wrong. There were wings, regular breadsticks, cinnamon sticks, a deep dish pizza, and a regular pizza. Little much for 2 people. But we had sent away free food once and that's pretty much our limit, so we were confused but definitely took it. The dinner question was solved and free!

So we were eating our fantastic free dinner and had convinced ourselves that maybe someone had in fact got it for us. I just got a new visiting teacher and the bishop had just seen me hobbling around trying to get some relief in the pool, also our home teachers have been a little more active lately. I clearly look like a crippled person, so we thought maybe someone took pity on us.


We got another knock on the door a few slices of pizza later. Our neighbors who live in 1201 (we live in 201) were at our door, and we knew why. We actually get along really great with them so it wasn't super awkward, just a bit. She had hurt her knee and her sister had ordered dinner for her family. She laughed at us with all that ridiculous amount of food and then called and finally got her dinner. Win Win for everyone I guess.

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