Monday, April 14, 2014

Dinner in Bed

This weekend was full of laziness, with little bursts of energy/productiveness. Sleeping in until noon, but after an afternoon of climbing. A day of laying out in the sun, followed by finally doing our taxes. Watching an outrageous amount of The Office, but we found a new and faster hiking route to one of our favorite crags. See, little machine gun bursts of sobs energy.

Chad was thoroughly assaulted on one of his climbs. It was the hardest one he's tried yet, and it kicked both of our butts. He was swinging around, monkey climbing the rope at the end with rope burns on his chest and a bloody hand, and I was swinging around just as crazy beneath him. We were quite the sight. At one point Chad was dangling by a rope in a bush. Ridiculous. Luckily we were the only ones there so we didn't make complete fools of ourselves. All of a sudden 80 degrees is too hot for these desert folk to climb in. Works out fine for us!

By the time Sunday rolled around we were both exhausted. So we slept in as long as possible and then were as lazy as possible. Yay Sunday! We hauled the tv out onto the patio and then laid out in the sun while we watched the office. It was brilliant. When we were too hot and red to stay out there any longer we moved the whole setup upstairs to the bedroom. Pizza and cake in bed for dinner makes for a great Sunday night. To make up for our relaxing day we finally did our taxes. Every year we have the best intentions of doing them early and it just never happens. Once a procrastinator....

We'll see if we can carry over this semi-productiveness into the week. Chad's got a photography job he's working on and we've got a room full of clean clothes that should probably be put away sometime soon. But like I said, the tv is currently in our bedroom sooooo we may be having dinner in bed again tonight ;)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • Realizing your blue bra is on display through your white shirt at 3:30 in the afternoon at work. Luckily the Dr. was out of the office so it was just me and my office manager. Didn't realize it this morning because it's not see through when your hunched over and your flowy shirt is just hanging off you.
  • Rukia and Penny have both decided they are throw up machines. Inside, outside, on our bed, on towels, in the kitchen, on the patio. There's nothing better than waking up in the morning to your dog puking on your bed.
  • Waking up and checking my phone to find that it's.... 9:00 am. On a Wednesday. Good thing the Dr. was in Nevada. It's easy to sneak into work late when your the only one at the office that day. phew.

  • The Walking Dead season finale. I know I'm late on this one but I'm super excited for Bad Ass Rick to be back.
  • Easter Box from the parents. Loaded with candy! And a cute maxi skirt for me! Made our week!
  • Chad makes me stretch every day. I'm always very angry with him afterwards. That shiz hurts you guys. He's going to need a prize when this is all over.
  • Really though, Chad's been ridiculously awesome. I'm getting better, but standing is hard. Which means for over a month Chad has tackled the laundry, dishes, dinner and all the cleaning solo style. I told you he needs a prize.
  • Since I'm obviously not moving much we've started marathon watching The Office. I forgot how funny that show was.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Calm Before the Storm

Before the fiery, fiery storm.

We are closely approaching the time of year when I go from bragging about the awesome weather here to complaining about how I'm about to burst into flames.

I'm trying to have a better attitude about it this year. Trying to be happy :) We may not have A/C in our car, but we do in our house. I will be brown and tan and my face will soon be stuffed with sno cones. Mmmmm sno cones. There will be pool lounging and volleyball bumping. And camping! We have big plans to get mega use out of our little tent, just as soon as we get some sleeping bags. And climbing? Oh yes, there will be climbing.

We may miss our beloved lakes when it gets to be this time of year, but we are still happy to be desert rats for the time being. So when it's 110 and I'm complaining and whining and dreaming of Lake Michigan, I will go get a giant sno cone and bask in the beauty of the fiery red rocks and gladly pay my dues for a mild, warm winter ;)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taking the Long Way

Now that I'm doing a little better standing wise we've been able to get out and do a little bit more than the nothing we have been doing. We've gone out twice this weekend to rock climb! Chad climbed, I belayed and then we watched his friend, Taylor, work on his crazy hard climb.

Saturday we headed out with Taylor to Cougar Cliffs. I was assured it was a 5 minute hike to the crag. 5 minutes. It was in fact much longer than the promised 5 minutes. I was originally going to stay home so I could relax and recoup and lay out in the sun, but I figured I could lay out in the sun while watching them climb up cliffs. Chad's poor friend. He had to deal with a slow crippled lady and a dog that is not a great climber/jumper/hiker. It took soooo long to get down where we needed to be. Soooo long. We had to go up and around and then all the way down and back over. Once we were there it was great though! The sun shined, I got some sun, the boys climbed, Rukia ran around, and no one got hurt.

Then we had to hike back. Which should have been fine, we found a trail that was right next to where we were, saving us the ridiculous hike back. Except Rukia really couldn't hack it. Chad had hauled her up to a certain point in the rocks when he realized they were both stuck. Our poor Rukia was not built for climbing rocks. After struggling for a while Rukia and Chad both remembered that she was a dog and she scampered back down. So we let Chad's very patient friend hike up that way while we went all the way around and met up with him at the top.

We finally made it home and Chad got a text that his friend had left his shoes at the crag. We felt SO bad. Until he texted back that it took him, a normal person with a functioning back and no crazy animals, 10 minutes to get down and find them. Ha. Next time I think Rukia and I will stay home and nap.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • The number of donuts we've been eating lately. And the fact that the best bakery in town is Kroger.
  • One of our patients getting convicted of prescription fraud. Patients pretending to be the doctor leads to some pretty awkward pharmacy phone calls as of late.
  • Trying to belay Chad when I can't quite stand up. Granted I do succeed, but I look ridiculous.
  • The number of looks I get everyday from hobbling around. Strangers have actually started offering me advil. Oh wow, I hadn't thought about taking that. J/K I've taken 12 and it's noon.  
  • A patient exclaiming, "Hey! Are you making fun of me" as I was walking him back to a patient room. He was also hunched over and walking funny (due to physical disability), we both laughed as my office manager made a horrified face thinking that he was serious. This just happens to be our prescription fraud dude.
  • The owner of Kneaders knows Chad so well now that he just gave him his French toast for free last week.
  • CafĂ© Rio also knows us very well. In addition to knowing exactly what we order, one of the managers gave us our burrito for free last time we were in. It was a good free food week.
  • Our car is in the picture of our Climbing Store's website. We just happened there when they took a picture of the store front. We are strangely very proud and overly excited about this. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Last Hurrah!

Every time I go in to see the chiropractor his medical assistant always asks me if I've been up to anything fun, or have any fun plans for the weekend. Every time he asks I want to punch him in the face. Does it look like I'm capable of anything fun right now? However, two weekends ago I did have fun plans!

Ash and Pat came down Friday afternoon! They were only able to stay until Sunday morning so we packed our weekend full. We tracked down a peacock at a nearby park, fed ducks, wandered around Petco, watched Frozen, fell asleep to it, and then rewatched it while playing Munchkins. Made chicken nachos, went to our beloved Chinese food buffet, and ate way too much dessert.

Every time they come down we have to do something crazy outside. We've hiked Angel's Landing and rock climbed before. This time we were hoping to go to an exotic petting zoo down in Nevada but unfortunately they were closed. So we took them rappelling instead. If we don't frighten them with some sort of outdoor activity we haven't done our job. lol

They both rappelled, twice, like champs! I was the official photographer for the day since I was crippled and drugged. Hopefully we'll be able to head up to see them in Provo one last time before they move to Portland. And if not, we've got California in the works :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy {3}

Can we be real for  minute here? This month was craptastic. And that's putting it mildly. 3 out of the 4 weeks I spent hunched over in pain. I got to work through it all and then go home and cry until I could manage to fall asleep. The "good" news is that after 3 weeks I'm finally starting to get better. I'm not skipping down the street yet, I'm still not upright to be honest, but I'm getting better and the nerve pain is almost gone... unless I'm laying down in any way.

Ashley and Patrick spent a weekend with us, I really slowed us down, but we still had fun. I also managed to ruin Chad's spring break with my good ol' back. We haven't been rock climbing or hiking. We just barely went to the grocery store because walking around the store was a living nightmare. Speaking of a nightmare, sleeping is still a suck fest, Benadryl has become my bff.

So that's why I haven't been around here lately. I figured you didn't need daily whining updates. One big whine fest is enough ;)

Through all the junk there were some good moments though so lets end on that.

Spring Break.
Yoga Challenges... for a week.
Finding Paczki's at Kroger and eating them all!
Milky Way Dark, I'm obsessed.
My Dr. and his wife paying for my chiropractic visits.
Getting a new girl at work, at least I didn't have to go to nursing homes while I was broken.
Chad taking awesome care of me. He didn't know he married and old, crippled lady.
Icy Hot.

Have a Happy Spring!