Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • I got home from getting my hair done when I felt something drip down my forehead. That's right, my scalp was oozing and dripping down my face. The bleach did not agree with my skin this time. Super duper excited about my scabby, itchy scalp. Not gross at all.
  • Your doctor finally talking to you about how you cannot get pregnant on the drugs you've been taking for about a year now. So many mutations!!! So while there were no plans to have the babies, there really aren't now. No flipper babies for us thank you.
  • Long stories short: Last week I found a puddle of pee on a chair in an exam room and then a few days later found desitin all over the exam chair from a very old man butt. Way too much potty talk for a podiatrist office if you ask me.

  • My German Chocolate Birthday Cake. I pretty much polished the whole thing off by myself. Chad helped a little but it took less than a week to devour that guy.
  • Speaking of polishing things off, we blew through the whole series of Friends way too fast. We may be going back and watching even more now because we are that cool.
  • Taking a small hike over the long weekend. It almost killed me but it was so beautiful and fun to be outside again. Thank you baby mutating drugs for allowing me to walk a couple miles.

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