Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Easy like Sunday Afternoon

After church we decided to get outside and enjoy the few hours of sunshine that were left. The trees finally got the fall memo and while a few decided just to drop their leaves right off the bat, some decided to put on a show. We miss Michigan falls but we do love that we can still do things like this at the end of November.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Grocery Store Savior

Disclaimer: This is one looooong post guys. If your curious as to the specifics of my back woes this past year and how I'm getting better this post is for you! If you don't feel like plowing through my entire back story don't worry, I'll post some pretty pictures and not so long winded posts soon :)

It all started in March. Chad and I spent all weekend in the mountains. We hiked, biked, rock climbed and yoga'd our hearts out for two and a half days. My usually tweaky back felt great! It was tired while hiking but, Sunday night, when we were home and I was stretching, I remember telling Chad that I felt no pain at all in my back, this was the first time in a very long time that I had absolutely NO pain at all.

The next morning was a very different story.

My back was sore and as the day went on I started to hunch over more and more. By the end of the day I was pretty bad. Chad and I tried going for a jog that night to see if moving would help. It didn't. It did however make it much worse. From there I went downhill very fast. It wasn't just my back that was killing me but I had severe nerve pain all the way down my leg and into my foot. After a couple days the physician I work for was concerned and tried getting my poor back to relax with muscle relaxers and some mild pain pills. When that didn't help he sent me to his chiropractor.

I had high hopes for the chiropractor. I had no insurance so I was hoping I just needed an adjustment and some stretching and I'd be back to normal. He adjusted me, used the ultrasound machine, the little electrical stimulators, and also used a machine to stretch my spine out. The only relief I got was when I was strapped into the machine that stretched out my spine. He also spoke with my doctor and I took my first steroid pack. The stretches he had me doing at home were excruciating to say the least. My husband would have to help me and I would be sobbing through them. It was horrible for both of us. After a month I had had enough. The chiropractor wasn't doing anything new for me at my appointments despite the 0 progress I was making, and he said that he really thought I should get an MRI. There was no way I could afford to even think about getting an MRI so I stopped going to the chiropractor and stopped trying to muscle my way through the stretches. And... remarkably.... I felt better.

Make no mistake, I still couldn't stand up straight, lay down flat (on my back or stomach) and was in a LOT of pain, but it was better than when I was forcing those nasty stretches. At this point I had also started to lean to the left, a lot. I decided to try seeing a  physical therapist. I cried as I talked with the wonderful Physical Therapist. He was kind, patient, and a wonderful listener. He worked with me for over an hour that day, and when I left I felt better, emotionally and physically. I had high hopes. Since I didn't have insurance he wrote down very specifically what to do at home since I couldn't afford to see him often. I will forever be grateful for that. I saw him a second time and could almost stand up straight when I left his office.

It was Memorial Day weekend and Chad was at work. At this point I was still hunched over but I was doing my physical therapy exercises every day and was making slow progress. Then I decided to try and clean when Chad was gone. I stupidly picked up our 50 pound hiking pack to move it across the room when my back spasmed and literally threw me to the ground. I have never in my life experienced pain like that before. All I could do was sob and lay there. At one point I managed to get up and grab the laptop to try and relax on the couch to no avail. Instead I rolled off the couch on to the ground and cried and watched Netflix until Chad got home. I knew it was bad.

Two days later we drove 2 hours down to Vegas to board a plane to fly to Michigan. I was nervous that I would seriously die on that journey. My wonderful neighbor graciously gave me a vibrating mat that she still had from when she had a herniated disc. It helped a lot on the drive. I had to use a wheelchair in the airport.  I only had 2 very mild pain pills leftover and used them strategically to help me get into a somewhat comfortable position and then I just didn't move. The doctor I worked for in Michigan tried helping me out, my family tried helping, nothing helped. I was in so much pain at night I would literally just lay on the ground sobbing. When we went to U of M's campus to take pictures of Taylor my dad plopped me down in another wheelchair, between the severe back pain and crippling nerve pain, I couldn't walk very far. The doctor I worked for also sent me to her doctor where I was able to get an injection in my SI joint. I also got better pain pills, Valium and more steroids. The pain pills were better than what I had before. I was out of it for most of our vacation due to all of the medications I was taking, but even those prescriptions didn't help much at night. I would still end up in unbearable pain, sobbing on the floor. I cannot even describe the pan I was in, it was a living nightmare. Everyone told me I needed an MRI. I continue to ignore them thinking it was just my SI joint, and I didn't need to waste my time and LOTS of money for a test to tell me what I already knew.

When we got back to St George I went back to the physical therapist who had helped me before. He was shocked at how bad I was. He tried to help me but finally said there was nothing he could do for me. I was in too much pain to do any of the stretches or exercises I had previously done. I sobbed through the entire visit. He told me I needed to get an MRI.

After that I went to the clinic that helps uninsured people. The PA there thought I would be fine on muscle relaxers, gabapentin and yet another dose of steroids. He finally prescribed some pain medication but it wasn't nearly strong enough. I was back to sobbing on the floor nightly after work. He suggested getting an x-ray. Chad and I mentioned that everyone said I needed an MRI. He agreed. Since I was able to qualify for a voucher that helped (a little) with the cost I finally gave in and set one up.

I still couldn't lay or stand straight so the MRI was a horrible nightmare. I could have cared less about being strapped down in a tiny tube, I was in SO much pain. I had to pinch myself the entire time to keep from moving. I sang primary songs the whole time and prayed that I could make it through. The Dr. had ordered 2 MRI's without contrast and the same 2 again with contrast. The MRI tech graciously told me I didn't nee to do the ones with contrast, the images he had were fine. Prayers are answered.

I was also working through this entire ordeal. I'm a medical assistant so it was not easy. I was hunched over so far, I was practically at a 90 degree angle with my body. My patients and coworkers poked fun at me about it, I got quite a few Quasimodo jokes, and I played along but in reality I was in horrific pain. I would burst into tears as soon as I got in the car. Chad would have to drive because it was too painful for me to use my right leg. At home I couldn't stand up long enough to cook, I couldn't even stand up straight enough to take a real shower. I sometimes needed help just to get dressed, blow dry my hair and put on my shoes. Chad had to help me with everything. After work I would sit in the shower with the hot water beating on my back and just cry until I couldn't anymore. I wouldn't eat I hurt so badly. I would throw up because I was in so much pain and so tired from not being able to sleep. It was like this for a long time.

The results came back from my MRI, I had bulging discs at L4 and L5. S1 was also looking bad. I was referred to a spine specialist. My boss had graciously decided to provide me with health insurance. I am forever grateful that he helped me out by doing that. I could now afford to go to a specialist! Because I was seeing a specialist I finally was able to get pain medication that was strong enough to help. I have never been more thankful for Percocet in my life. After meeting with the specialist he referred me to a surgeon. I was adamant that I did not want surgery, there had to be another option. So he offered to give me injections near my spine to see if that helped at all, but told me to still meet with the surgeon. I didn't.

I had the injections and they helped just enough that I could attempt to do my physical therapy exercises again , but it wasn't pretty. I was so discouraged. I had been dealing with this since March and it was now September. I was so tired physically and mentally, I had been completely dependent on Chad the whole time. He was exhausted and I was depressed.

Then one day, shortly after the injections, we went to Albertsons, the grocery store near our house. I was only able to go to grocery stores because I could lean on the cart like a walker. We grabbed a few things and got in line to check out. The cashier, a manager there, said, "Hey, you look like I did". At this point I was used to unsolicited advice on how to magically cure my back: chiropractors, acupuncture, reflexology, special supplements, braces, and a whole host of people's favorite doctors. I had even had people pray over me in public. I thought I had heard it all and I was slowly coming to the conclusion that maybe my Dr. was right and I needed surgery, I just wasn't getting better. The cashier surprised me with a new recommendation though. "There's a healthy posture class over at The Summit gym, you should try it out". He went on to tell me he used to have the same problems that I did with the L4, L5 and S1, and then said "Look at me now!". Yup, he was standing up straight. I thanked him for the suggestion and we left. Little did we both know, he had literally saved me with his simple suggestion to a stranger in his checkout line.

I was in a tough spot. I either needed to meet with the surgeon or figure out a different option, it seemed as though I had tried all the other options and they had failed, miserably. So I looked into this healthy posture class. I decided to try the free week membership and give it a shot. It was better than surgery and cheaper than trying physical therapy again. It couldn't hurt.

With the week pass I was able to go to 3 classes. I hobbled into my first class nervous that I wouldn't be able to do any of the moves. And you know what, I couldn't do most of them. I couldn't even do the simplest of warm up stretches, intertwining your fingers together and raising your arms straight overhead to stretch. In fact I struggled just to stand through the entire warm up (standing up was a horrible, painful nightmare), I desperately wanted to sit on the ground and give up during the first few minutes. I didn't though, I had determined that I would give every class my very best effort. This was going to be a place where I really pushed myself. Lori helped me through the first class, she gave me lots of modifications and lots of encouragement, both of which I needed. After leaving that first class I was in even more pain. Lori had worked me over. But the next morning, I felt just a little bit better. So I kept going.

After the 3 free classes I felt better. 3 classes.

Now don't misunderstand, I wasn't completely better after 3 classes. I was still a bent over, hunchy hot mess, but I felt noticeably better. Something was happening. So after my free week trial I immediately signed up.

I have been going to Lori's class now for almost 2 months. It is hard work. In the beginning I modified a lot of the moves. In fact I winced and even closed my eyes through a lot of the moves... I still do today sometimes. I still have to modify some things and I still have to bend my knees when we stretch our legs out straight, sometimes I'm the only person in class with bent knees. But it doesn't matter. Even modified moves give you life changing results. After just over a month of hard work I am standing almost straight. There's no doubt in my mind that I will be standing up completely straight soon. My spine specialist told me last week that I am looking amazing and to keep up whatever I'm doing. There is no longer any mention of surgery. I am working on getting off my pain medication but I do still need it right now. I'm sure as I continue class I will no longer need it. I attend Lori's class 3 times a week, and if I could fit more into my schedule I would.

I will be grateful to that stranger in the grocery store for the rest of my life. Without his simple suggestion I never would have found Lori. The two of them are an answer to prayers and they are both responsible for where I am today. I hardly know either of them, and yet I love them both dearly for helping to heal me. After almost a year of debilitating pain and endless attempts to remedy it, I have finally found my solution, and I am feeling like myself again. As long as I live in St. George I will attend Lori's class, and when we move I will take her dvd's with me.

Thanks to Lori and my Grocery Store Savior my husband finally has his wife and partner back, my boss has his medical assistant fully functioning again (my patients all think I've had surgery), and I have my life back. I'm starting to rock climb, mountain bike, hike, play piano, take walks, shop, shower, cook, clean, dress myself, and run again! Best of all though? I am happy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sunday Dress with eShakti

eShakti, a tall Mormon girl's dream come true. Seriously.

knee legnth, lava rock, red rock, mountains, southern utah, st george, utah, kate spade, belt, blonde, pixie

The beauty of eShakti is that everything is customizable. All of it. And they carry size 0-36. There is literally something for everyone. And, I'll say it again, this is a tall girls best friend. I put in my height (5'10") and chose the knee length option (this dress had a shorter option as well). I'm always having to hunt for a dress that's long enough to cover up my bum so I was a little skeptical of how it would turn out. My "hunts" usually end in spectacular defeat and a pair of leggings. eShakti hooked me up though, there was, clearly, nothing to worry about. Bum covered, check! 

I also added cap sleeves to the once sleeveless dress. You can add sleeves! No longer do you have to wait until winter to try to find a dress with some kind of sleeve! Can I get an "amen!" from all my Mormon friends out there. I am not a fan of the shirt under the dress option so being able to add all different kinds of sleeve lengths to dresses is a dream come true.

southern utah, red rocks, mountains, desert, lava rock, lava flow, pixie, blonde, kate spade

Beyond having sleeve and dress length options you can also enter all your measurements and they will customize the dress to your exact figure. I didn't opt for this due to all of my weird water weight but it is such a killer option for an awesome price.

With Christmas coming up this would make such a beautiful and special gift. I know I sound like a broken record by now, but seriously, there's something for every body shape and for any occasion. Short, Tall, Young, Old, Fancy Date nights, Sister Missionary appropriate, Christmas Parties, or Casual Mom on the go. Check 'em out and then we can gush about them together.

lava rock, lava flow, aldo neklace, blonde pixie, belt

Need another reason to try 'em out, Enter 'twolovebirdswithoutanest' at the checkout and receive an extra 10% off, offer is good through December 17th! You may not even need that with the 40% off sale going on right now though ;)

Connect with them on facebook, twitter and pinterest!

Dress: c/o eShakti
Earrings: Gift
Necklace: Aldo
Purse: Kate Spade
Belt: Pink: F21, Purple: Gift
Shoes: Target

I was provided with a free dress to customize and review, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Phototgraphy Special!

We had so much fun making this floral crown a couple weekends ago! We couldn't wait to see how it photographed, and I was the lucky guinnea pig. Not a bad gig when your hubby's a photographer. Chad's revamped his website and is offering some killer deals on family/couple shoots right now for the holidys. Mini sessions that don't take up a lot of your time and don't make a huge dent in your wallet either. If you live in the St. George area, or know anyone who does, check out his website to see even more of his work and get in touch... or you know, leave a comment ;)

Chad Hampton Photography's photo.

Chad Hampton Photography's photo.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Rukia finishing off Chad's ice cream

  • Getting ice cream at our new favorite barn and having the girl who is helping us WINK at Chad when he picks his flavor. Unless your gonna give us some ice cream for free please keep your winking to yourself.
  • Swimming at my gym with the high school swim team. I have swam twice, for real, in the past, oh, 10 years. Nothing makes you feel as great about yourself as swimming next to a bunch of toned, talented high schoolers doing the butterfly stroke while you choke on water in the lane next to them.
  • Eating an entire tray of rice krispies with Chad in less than 24 hours. Good thing I swam.
  • Falling off the "step" thingy during my Chisl class. Clearly I don't have that kind of coordination. And no, it was not a graceful fall.

  • Made it through a Chisl class at my gym. I was happy I could stand up for an entire hour! And it really wasn't as bad as it sounds, of course when you expect everything to be a mixture of Insanity and P90X, nothing is that bad.
  • The hot tub at my gym. Or should I say hot tubs, there are a few scattered about and I just discovered another one this week. So nice after a swim.
  • Getting an offer to be on TV!!! Ok, it's a cable access program, and it is put on my healthy posture teacher. But let's focus on the fact that my healthy posture instructor thinks I have improved SO much that she wants me on TV talking about my experience with her! BOOM! And no, I won't be on it only because it's in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday and I've got to be able to pay rent. Also, me on video is frightening.
Hope your almost Friday is as warm and cozy as Penny's!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Calling All Chef's

I recently saw a post on Facebook from my cousin Angela asking if she was missing out on anything because she's never had a Baked Alaska or Banana's Foster (I've never had them either). This of course got me thinking of all the things that I have been potentially missing out on.

31 GIFs That Perfectly Express Your Feelings About Food

31 GIFs That Perfectly Express Your Feelings About Food

31 GIFs That Perfectly Express Your Feelings About Food

So I made a list of food that I've either never had or never made myself and the idea is to try to make one a month. Chad and I have really gotten into cooking lately (ok, Chad has, I've really gotten into eating what Chad makes) and we've been excited to expand our repertoire. And I've been needing to get back into the kitchen.

Things I've never had:
  1. Soufflé
  2. Beef Wellington
  3. Curry
  4. Molten Chocolate Cake
  5. Banana's Foster
Things I've had before but want to make myself!:
  1. Sushi
  2. Orange Chicken and Lo Mein
  3. My grandma's Bread
  4. Risotto
  5. Ramen Noodles, the good kind, not the poor college student kind
I'd LOVE to have your input! Do you have a rockin' recipe for something on my list??? Is there something that you love that I'm totally missing??? Leave a comment below or shoot me a message on facebook!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Puppy Snuggles!!!

  • A lady at the nursing home didn't want to go all the way back to her room and take off her white fish net stockings to get her toenails clipped so she wanted the Dr. to cut off the toe. I was laughing so hard when we couldn't find scissors so he ripped them off her. Ok, he ripped a whole in the toe but the other version is just so funny.
  • Not realizing that the speedo logo on my goggles peeled off and weren't supposed to be there. So I swam, and talked to people in them looking a fool.
  • How sore I am after swimming. I made it about 25 minutes, with breaks between every length and a few side stroked laps and now my legs are killing me. Phew, who knew how out of shape you could get when you are out of commission for nearly 8 months.
  • It's 60 degrees out and I'm freezing. I have officially become a cold weather pansy and I am really disappointed in myself.
  • A patient telling me that when I was bent over and "walking weird" it was mostly just in my head. Nope, mostly the bulging discs in my back and my sciatic nerve all teaming up to attack me. But thanks for telling me I'm a crazy pansy.
  • Chad's killing it in the kitchen. It's a hidden blessing of me being hurt and unable to stand and cook, Chad's found a passion for cooking and I am reaping all the rewards.
  • I climbed! And Chad climbed! It was slow and painful but we both did it, and it was ah-mazing!
  • A Costco box of Honey Bunches of Oats, I am blowing through that thing.
  • I went to my very first spin class yesterday and it was so fun.
  • It's almost Friday ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sail Away

I've already told you time and time again how old men love me. Chad attracts younger girls, and I get grandpas and great-grandpas. But I've never experienced what I did yesterday at the nursing home.

It all started when one of the nurses said that she needed to shave a gentleman's face. Then another man piped up, "I want her to shave me!" I bet you can guess who "her" is. He just kept pointing at me yelling "I want her to shaaaaaave me!" over and over. The dr. and I were dying we were laughing so hard.

Then it was his turn to take care of his feet. So I went over and as I was taking off his shoes he leans down with his arms extended by my face, yikes, and starts going on and on about how pretty I am, he loves my hair, and will I give him a kiss? Double yikes. I quickly stand up because he's getting dangerously close to my face and he is about to steal a kiss. He's going on and on about kissing when I run away and let the Dr. work on his feet.


And then I have to go back and put his shoes on. geesh. He's forgotten about the kiss, thank heaven, but that doesn't stop him. Instead he offers to take me sailing. He tells me he has a sail boat and we could sail away together! I told him I didn't think my husband would like that too much. And the he goes off on how he will just take Chad out. No joke. After discussing that Chad is clearly no problem in this scenario he is back to asking me if I will go with him. So, naturally, I ask where we are sailing to. And like the smooth talker he clearly is, he tells me we can go anywhere I want! I tell him maybe next time, I'm not ready to leave right now. You can't go sailing while still wearing scrubs.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to have a Lewis Halloween

We've really seemed to have gotten into a Halloween groove.

Step 1: Forget that it's Halloween
Step 2: There's furious knocking at the door, answer door
Step 4: Oh Crap, there's a herd of children wanting all my candy...
Step 5: Resist the urge to yell, "All my candy is mine!"
Step 6: Rummage around to find enough candy you don't like that much to give them.
Step 7: Sprint through the house closing all the blinds and turning of all the lights
Step 8: Hide in your house while ignoring all the children who can't take a hint and eat all the candy   yourselves

This year we pretty much followed the plan, except we didn't forget it was Halloween, so we knew to ignore the knocking on our door, even though our front window was open. Woops. Super awkward to ignore children begging for candy when they can see you in the window.

So we ignored all the kids, ate a ton of candy and made donuts. Bam! There were pretend costumes (a hippy and Fin) no pumpkin carving, no hayrides or haunted anything, and it was great. We may have been party poopers but we were party poopers with happy bellies full of sugar. And isn't that what Halloween is really all about?



Monday, November 3, 2014

Chad's Super Power

I've found over the course of our marriage that younger girls love Chad. L-O-V-E. Something about Chad really just is mesmerizing to the 16-21 crew. They giggle, they smile, they stare, they compliment stupid things, they actually compliment on everything ("You're plain blue t-shirt is so super awesome, I love it so much!"), and they always ask if we are paying together (yup, sorry little girl). And while it used to be slightly annoying we've really learned how to harness this power.

We were taking a weekend trip to Lake Michigan and needed to get a hotel room for the night. So we stopped at a cheap one and sent Chad in to work his magic on what we were hoping was a girl in his target age group. We were in luck! It was a twenty something girl working at the front desk that night! As Chad was getting us a room he asked if there were any deals or discounts she could give him. She asked if he was a AAA member. Of course we aren't  and he said so, but she replied, "you are now!". She knocked quite a bit off the bill and also never charged him a pet fee for Rukia. We were quite pleased with how things had gone. Chad's magic worked beautifully!

But wait, it's about to get a whole lot better.

We were settled in our hotel room and using it to our full advantage, in the adult sense.., when we finally heard the knocking at the door. We were in no state to answer the door so we waited, confused, to see if they knocked again. They did. It was 1 o'clock in the morning, who the heck was there? We really didn't know how long they had been there so Chad finally jumped up and looked out the peep hole and it was the girl from the front desk! She finally gave up and slid a copy of the charges under the door.

Somehow we don't think that she was only there to drop of a 2nd copy of the room receipt at 1am.

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

But if you are in the habit of giving out discounts to cute guys we will use that to out advantage.