Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sail Away

I've already told you time and time again how old men love me. Chad attracts younger girls, and I get grandpas and great-grandpas. But I've never experienced what I did yesterday at the nursing home.

It all started when one of the nurses said that she needed to shave a gentleman's face. Then another man piped up, "I want her to shave me!" I bet you can guess who "her" is. He just kept pointing at me yelling "I want her to shaaaaaave me!" over and over. The dr. and I were dying we were laughing so hard.

Then it was his turn to take care of his feet. So I went over and as I was taking off his shoes he leans down with his arms extended by my face, yikes, and starts going on and on about how pretty I am, he loves my hair, and will I give him a kiss? Double yikes. I quickly stand up because he's getting dangerously close to my face and he is about to steal a kiss. He's going on and on about kissing when I run away and let the Dr. work on his feet.


And then I have to go back and put his shoes on. geesh. He's forgotten about the kiss, thank heaven, but that doesn't stop him. Instead he offers to take me sailing. He tells me he has a sail boat and we could sail away together! I told him I didn't think my husband would like that too much. And the he goes off on how he will just take Chad out. No joke. After discussing that Chad is clearly no problem in this scenario he is back to asking me if I will go with him. So, naturally, I ask where we are sailing to. And like the smooth talker he clearly is, he tells me we can go anywhere I want! I tell him maybe next time, I'm not ready to leave right now. You can't go sailing while still wearing scrubs.


  1. Glad he didn't kiss you. Extra glad he only wanted to shave from you instead of a shower ;)

  2. Talk about yikes. geesh. Hopefully your CNA's take care of the showering business for you these days ;)