Thursday, November 6, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Puppy Snuggles!!!

  • A lady at the nursing home didn't want to go all the way back to her room and take off her white fish net stockings to get her toenails clipped so she wanted the Dr. to cut off the toe. I was laughing so hard when we couldn't find scissors so he ripped them off her. Ok, he ripped a whole in the toe but the other version is just so funny.
  • Not realizing that the speedo logo on my goggles peeled off and weren't supposed to be there. So I swam, and talked to people in them looking a fool.
  • How sore I am after swimming. I made it about 25 minutes, with breaks between every length and a few side stroked laps and now my legs are killing me. Phew, who knew how out of shape you could get when you are out of commission for nearly 8 months.
  • It's 60 degrees out and I'm freezing. I have officially become a cold weather pansy and I am really disappointed in myself.
  • A patient telling me that when I was bent over and "walking weird" it was mostly just in my head. Nope, mostly the bulging discs in my back and my sciatic nerve all teaming up to attack me. But thanks for telling me I'm a crazy pansy.
  • Chad's killing it in the kitchen. It's a hidden blessing of me being hurt and unable to stand and cook, Chad's found a passion for cooking and I am reaping all the rewards.
  • I climbed! And Chad climbed! It was slow and painful but we both did it, and it was ah-mazing!
  • A Costco box of Honey Bunches of Oats, I am blowing through that thing.
  • I went to my very first spin class yesterday and it was so fun.
  • It's almost Friday ;)

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