Monday, December 15, 2014

Busy Bees

Friday we were back to our old shenanigans up in Green Valley. Ah-mazing. Hopefully my dad and Taylor are ready to climb because it's totally happening when they are here.

Saturday was full of photography madness! In the best way! We woke up to rain but decided to press on with a Senior shoot that we had planned. It worked out so well. We got some great pictures in a cute little bookstore and were able to meet up again after the rain dried up to finish his shoot in Snow Canyon.

In between the Senior shoots Chad had another one lined up with my boss' family. They are so fun and we had a blast with them. By the time we finished up we were both dead. All that running around and hiking pooped us out. So we finished up the day at Culvers for our first meal of the day lol.

We were going to go out Sunday and hike around and take even more pictures but I was toast so we hung out at home in our pajamas eating swiss rolls and ice cream watching food network and HGTV. The perfect lazy Sunday!

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