Thursday, December 11, 2014

Like a Normal Person

After my radiology class on Friday we drove up to Salt Lake to check out all the Christmas lights at Temple Square. We wandered around the mall, stopped in at an art exhibit, and walked all over Temple Square and the visitor's center. Let me repeat, I walked all over all of those places! BAM! Look at me, walking like a normal person.

It was nice to have some free time and just wander around enjoying the festivities. The next day I just wanted to stay in the hotel bed and sleep all day, the cold I had been successfully avoiding finally got me. Oh well. We were lame on Saturday and drove home early. We were happy to make it home before 2am though and not have to pound energy drinks to make it back in the dead of night. I think that's what you call responsible. Apparently being sick makes me act, a little, like an adult.

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