Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I'm sure, like we did, you thought our neighbor problems were gone. We had a couple living next door. He was a little weird but she was super friendly and very nice. We've helped each other out with car problems, gave friendly waves and were generally nice with each other. Then Sunday happened.

We've decided that the apartment next to us is most definitely cursed. Let's recap, I've told you horror stories of the druggy baby mama with the abusive boyfriend, the one who tried to "borrow" our internet and phones forever, and the heroin dealers that we got arrested. I long for our first neighbors who we could hear snoring all night and smoked outside our front door constantly.

Back to Sunday, they have been packing and getting ready to move out for the past couple weeks when apparently as our neighbor girl was cleaning up the apartment to move she found a bunch of weird drug stuff, discovered her boyfriend was doing heroin and also selling meth. That apartment is cursed. No one leaves without a drug addiction or jail sentence, it's craziness. At least this time we lived next to a courteous druggie. I'd like to think we are moving in the right direction.

Needless to say I'm less than hopeful as to what kind of crazy we're going to be dealing with next.

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