Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy {6}

Warning: If you're tired of hearing me whine about my back and gush about my amazing hubby again, just skip this post. Someday I'll be back to my old shenanigans and have better stories for you.

Hey, Leslie. It’s Leslie. Hang in there. I love you. Bye.

This is a really important Leslie life lesson. 

Alrighty, back to the whining, I definitely had an idea of how I was going to be happy this year, and it basically flew out the freaking window. I was going to get better at climbing, I was going to wear that bikini to the pool, I was going to play the piano a lot, I was going to hike and camp and visit the grand canyon. I was going to spend the whole summer outside, getting tan and doing all of the outdoorsy things I love. I was going to take Chad to Vegas for his birthday and start mountain biking again.

Sometimes life has different plans. And frankly sometimes those plans just plain suck. The summer is almost over and it feels like it was wasted... again. If I wasn't working I was at home attempting to relax/distract myself from the pain. The pain is being managed a lot better right now, but life is a little boring over here. We are just kinda going through the motions with nothing really fun or great to look forward to. whine, whine, whine...

I guess it can't be rainbows and sunshine all the time though right? I am grateful for a few things. Chad continues to be amazing. What can I say, he's a superstar. He is juggling all the balls right now... still. He will jump up and get me anything I want or need, make me delicious mud pie tornadoes, bring me donuts for breakfast at work, cook, do all the laundry, clean, take care of the dishes and try to keep my spirits up any way he can. I know this isn't easy on him either and I'm so lucky he likes me as much as he does ;)

I'm grateful for a freezer full of popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, Netflix, lots of pillows, sleeping in our bed again instead of the couch, heating pads, electric stimulators, and snuggly animals. I'm grateful for ridiculously amazing parents, homemade pico, new shoes and finally finding a great hair dresser. I'm also happy that a color and cut on my super short hair also comes with a much cheaper price tag. I may be hunched over Quasimodo style but at least I look good ;)

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  1. I am so sorry you're still in pain. I think I forgot but remind me what the pain is stemming from? What have the doctors said? I see my mom is chronic pain, (in her leg and back) and it sucks! But you're right, I bet you look good :) Yay for all those great things including a wonderful supportive hubby who is there for you! I am so happy for you for that! Love ya Danielle! Miss ya!