Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hello Stranger

Well hello there. Excuse my bloggy break, but I was losin' it big time over here. Like crying in the shower, rocking back and forth, waiting for sweet, sweet death to wash over me losin' it. I was in a lot of pain (duh) and a tad bit depressed. No shocker there really. I mentioned that I thought the pain pills were making me feel depressed at my first appointment with my spine specialist and he said he would be depressed too if was like me since March. Good news, it wasn't the pain meds, bad news, it was me. Awesome sauce.

So there we were dealing with all of my back issues when, long story short, everything seemed to just fall apart. Things went from bad to worse. Lucky for us though, we have an amazing family though and everyone really helped us out in one way or another. Seriously, every single one. It's comforting to know that we have such an amazing support system when things don't go well.

Even better, my parents were a mere 7 hours from us when ish hit the fan. So when we were really at our worse my parents were here to do everything for us. They drove down to our house immediately and we couldn't have been more happy/relieved they were with us. They cleaned our messy house, did dishes, helped us struggle through the grocery store to restock our pantry and kept us sane. They may have left the grandparents but they were pretty much doing the same thing down here with us, dr. visits, pharmacy runs, and making sure we ate.

We walked around the temple, played cards, ate great food, showed them where we rock climb, rekindled a love of Swig, and spent a couple days in Vegas before they finally had to go back home.


Just to clarify, we are doing better, slowly but surely :) It's still not rainbows and butterflies over here, but we are working on it!


  1. Agree with Ashley. Love the photos. Please let me know if I can help in anyway. I hate that you've been struggling with intense back pain and depression. I've seen how hard that can be with close family members. Sorry but I'm glad it's getting better Danielle. You look amazing btw