Monday, October 27, 2014

Fancy Flowers

Saturday afternoon Chad decided we were getting dressed up and going out! "Going out where" I asked, "Target?". After grumbling for a few minutes about how I can't walk anywhere and there's no where to go in St. George I just shut my mouth and prettied myself up a bit. I forgot that my hair now takes about 5 minutes to do instead of the hour I used to spend wrestling in a sweaty fit with my blow dryer and straightener.

Short Hair > Long Hair

Plus I had just gotten a few products and now my hair doesn't look so fried and frizzed out. Thank you YouTube and Tracy ;) We were all dressed up with no place to go, so we returned some books to the library and on the way back stumbled into a fun little corner. Chad spotted a sign that was advertising ice cream and fruit so of course we turned around to see what it was.

It was a little old timey square, with a barn that sold fruit, cheese and hard ice cream!!!! They had a little playhouse, a fancy hotel, and other little shops. We wandered around a bit, happy we found something to do while dressed in something other than athletic wear.

We finished up our fancy night out with a giant corn dog (so fancy) and taking pictures at the top of D Bluff. We made it home with more fake flowers than is reasonable and started in on a little art project. We made an awesome floral crown to use in a photo shoot on Sunday evening. And let me tell you those pictures turned out rockin' awesome. I can't wait for Chad to finish editing them so I can show them off!

The pictures are just a tad bit better than this guy here

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