Thursday, October 23, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So awesome, nothing better than surprise dinner delivered to your house, thanks mom and dad!

  • Trying to find the room where the gentle yoga stretch class was last night. I hobbled up the stairs and wandered around, finally finding the small and very empty yoga room. After a couple minutes I gave up and went to the front desk and asked if I was in the right place. The girl was nice and showed me the room I should be in, the room I was in. After 30 minutes of doing my own thing I finally left. On the way out I spotted another room on the first floor with people yoga-ing it up. By that time it was too late so I just went and got ice cream instead.
  • Our office was renovated a couple weeks ago. While the dr. and wife were going for a nice tan wall, they ended up with a mauvey pink color. Whoops.
  •  An older lady falling off the "stage" at the mall's fashion show. She was standing at the end and just started to tumble, taking the whole curtain and pole system holding the curtains down with her. Best part, the announcers just kept going. The show must go on, regardless of any broken hips or concussions! Jk, she was fine.
  • The medical assistant who walked me back to one of my follow up appointments, all the way at the end of the freaking hall. She was super funny though and hunched over like me and walked all crazy so I wasn't the only one who looked silly. I decided to look over the fact that she and everyone else at a spine center thought I looked ridiculous (instead of fitting right in?) and just go with it. Somehow it did make me feel less crippled and stupid to have her Quasimodo walk with me.
  • Penny peeing on our rope, adding insult to injury. Good thing we both can't climb right now anyways.
  • We have officially been converted to the joy of Chik-fil-a.
  • Tilamook is the bomb. Their cheese is amazing and we just recently found that their ice cream is seriously better than any other.
  • My healthy posture class. I'm usually the youngest there and obviously the worst lol. I'm starting to be able to stand up again and Lori (the most awesome teacher) gets all of the credit for that.
  • A/C in our car!!!
  • Any drive throughs that give Rukia a treat. So far I think her favorite was a baby cone from McDonalds.
  • New neighbors. So far so good. They seem relatively normal except for the fact that we never see or hear them... which is actually just perfect!

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