Thursday, October 30, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Taking selfies everywhere. My hair is making me vain.
  • A woman at the nursing home prayed over me last time I saw her, 2 months ago. I saw her this Tuesday and I was standing pretty well, it was morning and I had drugs in me, and she was very proud of the fact that she had indeed healed me. I made sure to thank her profusely.
  • Trying to explain how the new laser we have at work works. Highly concentrated light...ATP... energy... more efficient cells.... and magic! Laser beams of magical healing power!

  • Chad's photography. He just keeps getting better and better. Which is also making me vain.
  • Shine spray. Makes my hair so pretty!
  • Homemade French Fries.
  • Snuggles with Rukia. It's a good thing she's needy because I'm really wanting a new puppy.
  • Coconut oil. So good in my hair and as a makeup remover.
  • Swig, I'm so addicted to Dr. Pepper with coconut cream.
Happy early Halloween! What are you (or your babies) dressing up as?

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