Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bring on the Crazy

A patient inviting me to lunch so she could heal my back. Somehow she managed to walk out of the office with my cell phone number and me saying that lunch sounded great, whoops...  After 3 phone calls and 2 messages from her, all on a Monday morning before 10am, I manned up and said no thank you. She was all of a sudden less than polite with me, telling me that it was my choice if I never wanted to get better.


Old men love my new hair cut. Granted the old ladies do too, but there's something about me that old men love, and the short hair is really upping my game with them. I've said it before and I'll say it again,


Being so uncomfortable trying to sleep all night, pre injections. Being up since before 5am and then finally falling back to sleep with my heating pad..... at 8am. On a Monday. I finally woke up at 9am (our office opens at 9) and frantically tried to get ready without medicating myself first, giant nightmare. I just did a sad crippled run all over the house while I cried and became a sweaty mess. Also, I have never been late to work, I don't count ice storms or flat tires - acts of God cannot be avoided, so I was stressed and embarrassed, and HOT, and a teary mess. Apparently I didn't hide it all too well since no one said a single word to me about being 45 minutes late (I did text that I was running behind).


The handicapped day group came into work for their routine foot care. One of them got a little handsy, I got a looooong hug and then a couple boob grabs as he let me go. By the time I realized it was no accident he already had another handful of boob.

Lucky for me we don't have patients today, I just have to answer the phones and try not to eat the giant bag of mint m&m's that a rep dropped off. Wish me luck.

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