Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th ofJuly Old Lady Style

Oh 3 day weekends, how we love you! I loved it even more this year because I could lay on the couch for 3 whole days and do absolutely nothing. Nothing. And my back was so happy with me for it. Well, happier. There were no BBQ's, no lounging by the pool, no hiking, no climbing, no lakes, no fireworks, no nothing, and while boring, it was just perfect this year.

I crashed on one couch the entire weekend and obviously Rukia took this one.
Chad was able to work over the weekend, good thing cause we were out of couches ;) I watched way to much food network and we discovered an amazing show, True Detective. Ah-mazing. Matthew McConaughey was lovely in romantic comedies but holy cow he's fantastic in serious roles. Seriously, go watch all the movies he's recently done that don't involve love ferns and be prepared to love every single minute of it. And this tv show, so good, like a good book good.

This is literally what I looked like the entire weekend. Short hair bed head is the best. 
Our tribute to celebrating the 4th was to have bbq chicken sandwiches, watch all of True Detective, eat those firecracker popsicles while complaining about how loud the actual fireworks were outside as we were trying to watch tv. Super Cool Party People over here.

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