Monday, July 8, 2013


It has been unseasonably hot here. Which means that it has been unseasonably quiet around here as well. Temperatures above 110° only allow for certain types of activities:

  • Eating Sno Cones
  • Lying perfectly still underneath ceiling fans
  • Drinking outrageous amounts of water
  • Hiding in your house from the sun
To top it all off we have no A/C in our car. Which means we are seriously not leaving this house, except for work... and to get sno cones of course. It also means we are back to the season of wearing as little clothing as possible. This is one of the reasons there aren't many pictures happening around these parts. Boringness + Nakedness = No Pictures. This actually really does cut down on the whole laundry thing though so there's one perk I guess.

We did attempt to go out last week. We thought we would take some pictures of the most awesome sunsets we've been having lately. So we headed out with the pup and after failing to get any good pictures, we were HOT. Because even though the sun was down and no longer assaulting us on all fronts, it was still over 100°. And while it may not be humid, "but it's a drrrrryyy heat", it's still over 100°, and that my friends, is too hot, no matter how you slice it.

So for now we will stick to the comfort of our house, do P90X like crazy people, and wait for the heat to cool it, at least a little, before we head back outside again.

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  1. That is waaaay too hot. OKC has managed to stay in the 90s, which is really mild for us. I hope it cools off soon for your sake.


    P.S. My little blogging break is over. :)