Thursday, June 27, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Chad took some rockin' pictures of his friend rock climbing the other day. When you're too exhausted from doing P90X with your crazy wife to climb... you take pictures!!!
  • Turning on the space heater at work because although it's 100 degrees outside, it's only 78 inside. When has 78 ever been too cold?
  • Trying to take pictures of the awesome Super Moon. Unfortunately for us, St George decided that would be the perfect night to be cloudy. We haven't seen a cloud in 2 months, and probably won't again until Monsoon season :) Great timing.
  • A patient trying to set me up with his friend. This patient is 75 years old, but his friend is a whopping 20 years younger! To make it even better, he thought I was 18. He then proceeded to lecture me about how I was running out of time to have kids once he found out I was actually married and 28.
  • Publishing this yesterday because I thought it was Thursday. Nope, slow your roll there missy, still just Wednesday.
  • Penny is our cockroach alarm. While it would be more awesome if she would actually hunt down the buggers and kill them, this works pretty well. Middle of the night and Penny is screaming her head off? Someone found a cockroach.
  • Making it through the first week of P90X without dying.
  • Buy one get one coupons, I love it when I don't have to cook dinner.
  • The fact that Chad loves chocolate chip pancakes and could have them every night for dinner. It works out well when we are out of coupons ;) We may have had them twice in the past 4 days...

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