Friday, June 21, 2013

That's a Short Uncle

Oh Tony. In your words, I love you but I hate you.

We started P90X this week. I convinced Chad to "start" with the rest day only because Monday is a horrible day to start working out. It's Monday! We talked with Nikki and Matt on facetime instead and ate brownie sundaes in bed. Pretty successful rest day if you ask me.

Then the horror began. Of course I'm mostly talking about Ab Ripper. True to it's name it feels like someone has ripped apart my abs. Chad's however are becoming ripped all ready. Either way you look at it, I guess it's doing it's job... making us want to lay in bed the next day and never move again.

We may be done with the week (yay!), we are only halfway through our workout week. While we normally slack off on the weekends, it's really too hot to do anything but hide inside our house, so might as well work out right? Right. Wish us luck.

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