Thursday, June 13, 2013

Awkard and Awesome Thursday

Chad tried to scoot this little guy back into the bunny nest only to scare the crap out of him and send him running into the neighbors yard. Chad of course then ran after it, thinking the poor bunny would not be able to find his way home and really needed his help now. The bunny then starts crying and "yelling", running in and out of the road. Finally Chad caught him, only because the poor thing was exhausted. But, mission accomplished, he slipped him back into his little bunny nest, only to find all the other ones gone. Apparently they were just old enough to be allowed outside :)
  • The guy that we pulled up to at a red light on a motorcycle in full on snow gear. I'm talking a coat, hat and gloves in 80 degree weather + humidity.
  • I brought one pair of shoes camping that remained wet the whole time. Rather than wear wet shoes around the campsite I channeled my inner Brittney Spears and used the restrooms barefoot the full 3 days. That's how I roll when camping.
  • The old woman who got mad at me when I informed her that she was in my seat on the plane. I apologized that she had to move and she proceeded to grumble about how rude I was. Sorry you still don't have a handle on your numbers lady.
  • Getting upset with Chad when he lost our SD cards for a hot second. Then I proceeded to loose my glasses after we got home from camping. He of course was super helpful and optimistic about it all. Luckily Nikki and Matt were able to find all of the lost things.
  • Spending all last week with friends and family. We are lucky ducks.
  • Nikki and Matt had a nest full of baby bunnies right by their front door.
  • Death by Chocolate Ice Cream... and Strawberry for Chad.
  • Kieli teaching Chad how to do handstands. She was a rockin' teacher and he is a lot better now!


  1. That bunny is so cute!

    And it's way too warm for all that snow gear!

    1. Tell me about it! I was too hot in shorts and a t-shirt!