Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spoiled Rotten

Chad and I spent the last couple days being completely spoiled.

The plane ride junked up my back, surprise surprise, so Debbie took care of me. Love being around Mommas :) There were back rubs, foot rubs, massagers, and tylenol PM, all courtesy of Debbie. She helped my poor back make it through the first day. There's nothing better than having a mom around when you aren't feeling well.

Then we celebrated Chad's birthday. The big 2-6. Not only did we get to spend all day with Nikki, Matt, the babies and his mom, but my parents and brother came down along with our 2 best friends from Michigan.

My parents and Taylor were rockstars and brought us down a ton of mexican food from our very favorite restaurant. They took the whole gang of us out to lunch to celebrate Chad and Jared's birthday! Aside from birthday presents my dad slipped us some "gas money" right before they left.

Will and Jared drove down at 4am just to spend Chad's birthday with him. It's Jared's birthday the day after Chad's and they always celebrate their birthdays together, we were happy we got to keep the tradition alive!

Oh I did I mention that Nikki and Matt flew us out to spend a week with them? We only get to have this awesome vacation because of them. I guess they like us or something.

We've also been getting snuggles galore from the kids who barely let us out of their sight, and we are loving every single minute of it!

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