Thursday, July 11, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

First, I would just like to clarify that we are not in the habit of letting random strangers into our house. And when we do, we call the police on them :) Secondly, we really do keep our house locked up well, we have a very loud dog that barks at anyone or anything that passes by the front/back/side of our apartment, and we don't regularly leave everything of value within 5 feet of our front door. In fact we never do unless we are home and using it.

To top it all of we have all kinds of people going in and out of the apartment next door all day long. Seriously, I feel like I never see the same people twice. We've decided they either teach piano lessons or sell drugs. And I've never heard any kind of music coming out of their apartment so I'll just let you come to the same conclusions that I've come to. I have decided that the constant flow of people will deter any potential robbers from breaking into my house. It's just too hard when the neighbors are this busy... and getting the police called on them. I'm just a glass half full type of gal this morning :) Aaaaand, to top it all off they have never asked once to borrow anything. Love my drug dealing neighbors.

  • Almost running over a chicken in the road. What the....
  • Dumping hot enchilada sauce all over the kitchen (ok, and me and Chad). Then trying to re-correct and spilling even more.
  • Trying to chase down one of our neighbors small dogs at 3am. She left over the weekend and the stupid thing was just wandering around barking ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  
  • Trying to lay out in the sun and get some color (hiding in your house from the heat means you stay as white as you are when it's the dead of winter) only to give up less than a half hour in because you are drenched and dying from heat stroke. Ok, not really, but holy smokes it was too hot.
  • Chad's homemade chimichangas.
  • Have I mentioned that we turned our guest bedroom into a giant closet? I can't remember, but it's awesome for when you don't want to fold clean laundry.
  • SnapChat with Taylor
  • Getting Rukia to play on the play structure at the park. She wasn't about to go down the slide though.
Happy Thursday!

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