Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let the FAILing continue

Recent Fails:
  • Trying to take pictures of the moon
  • Trying to take pictures of the sunset
  • Trying to take pictures of the sunset again
  • Trying to hike at Red Cliffs
  • Trying to lay out in the sun and tan up a bit
  • Trying to run
  • Trying to swim in the pool
  • Trying to rock climb
  • Trying to take Rukia to the dog park
  • Trying sushi in St. George... again

Friday happened to be a doozy. We drove out to Red Cliffs with the pup expecting to be able to hike a short ways to some awesome pools and cool off. It was a long drive in the hot car. We made it all the way out there only to find that they had shut it down due to flash flooding damage. We were hoping the rain would fill up the pools, not shut them down. Bummer.

So we drove back home and decided to go hang out in the pool. After 10 minutes the dark clouds rolled in and we rolled out. Back inside we went.

Later that night we tried a new sushi place. Chad's friend from church really liked it so we thought we would give it a try. Worst decision ever. We only got two rolls, since we had be burned before, and only managed to eat the one. We had Tums for dessert and cursed them on Yelp. While we thought we had learned our lesson before, we are really hoping that we have now, do not eat sushi in St. George. Just don't.

The dog park was a fail Sunday night, she tried to say "hi" to the anti-social aggressive dog. It ended in doggy tears and yelps. So we went to the park near our house and ran around outside, the three of us in the COOL night air. It was glorious. Rukia figured out how to pick up a Frisbee and we loved the breeze. Yesterday we were commenting on how nice it was outside, and how it was so wonderful that, while hot, we didn't feel like we were going to die. It was 98°.

Hopefully your weeks have been slightly more successful than ours and you are all enjoying your hot and sweaty summer :)

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