Monday, July 22, 2013

Zumba Fail

Years ago my sister and I decided to rent a workout dvd from the library. Paula Abdul was teaching us cardio dance moves. It was a riot. We were terrible at it. I think we tried it a couple times before realizing we were much happier running outside, chatting the entire way.

So you think that I would have known how this whole zumba thing was going to play out. But everybody and their mom loves it so I thought that I would give it a try, in the privacy of my own home of course. I wasn't about to shell out money to go make a fool of myself for an hour. So I found a bunch of youtube videos and decided to give it a whirl one night while Chad was at camp.

Keegan should also be fully aware of how this turned out, she tried to teach me turbo jam. Which also required way too much coordination for me. Often times I found myself just jumping up and down because there was no way I was going to figure out the moves before we moved on to new ones.

So there I was in my living room, dripping in sweat, barely doing any of the moves when I finally came to the conclusion that I already had twice before. Cardio dance-ish classes of any kind are not for me. I'm sure you get the hang of it and I'm sure it's way more fun to go take a class, but I really just seem to lack the coordination.

So I tried a Barre video the next day. Holy Freaking Cow. I managed to get through the 20 minute video, legs shaking and trembling the entire time. That stuff was no joke. If you ever want to feel like you have little baby legs with absolutely no strength give this a whirl. Those Ballerinas are serious yo. At any rate I was feeling it the next day.

Now that Chad's back from camp the break is over. I attempted a 4 mile run/jog/walk/crawl the other day at noon in the 100° heat. Not my finest moment. Today we start back at P90X. And while it's a pain and it's long, I am certainly coordinated enough to do all the moves. And that, my friends, is a win.