Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heat Induced Rage

Chad and I have come to a very important realization.

All the turmoil in the middle east? All comes down to one thing.

It's too freakin' hot. Waaaaaaay too hot.

Sand Dunes at Snow Canyon
We are normally very nice people. My patients love me, the nursing home folks love me, Chad's young men at church think he great, our primary kids seemed to like us too ;) All of our bosses and coworkers seemed to generally like us as well. We are generally pleasant people.

Except when it's over 100°. It's turning us into crazy, deranged, mad people.

We were driving home from the grocery store last week when I decided to loose my mind. We were in our car trying to get out of the parking lot. I am on fire, dripping in sweat, and outrageously jealous of everyone in their cars with their stupid windows rolled up with their A/C blasting. So I am slightly irritated when a small group of people decide that it would be awesome to stop in the middle of the road right next to the store opening and chit chat. I am dying here people, let's move it onto the sidewalk!!! And that is in fact what I decided to yell out my window, like a lunatic, to these people.

"Move it onto the sidewalk people!"
Not my finest moment, I generally try to avoid yelling at random people in public, but the heat...

Later that week we had to go to the post office. Which, let's just be honest, is annoying on a good day. Chad waits in the car for me to run in. It of course takes me longer than it should and as we are trying to leave, so is the car to our left, and the car to our right. The car to our right backs out first and before she can shift into drive, the car to our left decides to pull out in front of her and block us all in. Now we are in Utah, so this somehow turns into a 234 point turn. She's taking forever, cutting us all off, and we are hotter than you know what. So I, of course, reach over and start honking the horn. And Chad starts yelling like a crazy person out the window at her. You guys, she was right there. And unlike my parking lot rant, we couldn't just drive away. There were people going in and out of the post office, staring at the two crazy, red faced, sweaty people, yelling up a storm at the woman next to us, who refused to look at us (smart lady) and couldn't back out of a parking spot to save her life.

The heat people, it messes with you.

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