Friday, March 29, 2013

Speaking of the Weekend...

Ash and Pat came down to visit last weekend!!!!

We were super excited to hang out with them, keep them up waaaaay too late, and play until we were dead tired.

Friday night they managed to get here just early enough for Chad to take us all rock climbing. Whenever just the two of us go Chad climbs and I belay. That's it. I have little to no interest in climbing up the side of a rock. I can barley climb down the path to get where Chad climbs sometimes. But we all took turns. Patrick got up nice and high, I panicked about 6 feet off the ground and Ashley was the super star of the day. She was nervous at first but then really took off!

That night we took it easy and hung out after dinner and ice cream. Ashley and I went to bed at 1 and let the boys stay up discussing pressing matters into the wee hours of the night. Patrick was a wee bit exhausted the next day... and so was Chad. Too bad though, we were off to Vegas!!!

We had a great time wandering around the shops, getting fancy desserts, gambling (just a little) and people watching. We spent the whole day and night there, finally making it home well after 2am.

Sunday was a recovery day! We filled our bellies with Mexican and Chinesse food and played Munchkins!

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  1. Last night I was with my friends, it was perfect, just what I needed!