Thursday, March 21, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Chad's been telling me to go get my hair done since January. January people. But that would require actually finding someone to do my hair, and then paying for it, and then crossing my fingers that this new person actually knows what they are doing and worth the ridiculous amount of money they always charge. Who in the world ignores their husband when he tells them to go out and get their hair (and even nails) done? This girl.
  • Taking Rukia running with me and having to drag her along the sidewalk. I finally look back at her to see what the freak is going on and find her squatting as I'm pulling her along, leaving a little (ok, not so little) trail of poo.
  • Wanting to tell the woman hiking behind us with her 4 small children that the "worst that can happen" is that her kids (who were nervous to keep going on the sloping rock) will slip and fall on the rocks, hit their head on said rocks, pass out and then drown in the river since she "can't help them" because she's holding a baby. I kept that awkwardness to myself though and let the kids believe their mother who told them that the worst that would happen is they would get a little wet from the river.
  • The amount of past Top Chef episodes we have been watching.
  • New makeup. I never get new makeup. So while Chad helped out with a church activity on Wednesday night, I ran over to Target, got completely overwhelmed, but found a few things to spruce up my face. Side note: why have I never owned a brow pencil until now? Miraculous.
  • Running outside! So happy that it's warm and sunny! My freckles are back :)
  • JT's new album. Awe-some. It's been playing non stop since we got it.
  • Ash and Pat and Vegas this weekend! Don't be jealous.


  1. Love allll the awkwards!! {Um, how about you don't go hiking if you're holding a baby and cannot help your other children despite the surrounding threats posed by nature?} Also, I will not leave the house without using my brow pencil. Don't you love it (but kind of hate it) when you find something that makes you more awesome...but then realize you were dead inside for JUST now figuring it out and could have been that awesome all along?? Well, I digress...I hope that made sense.


  2. I want JT's album! I hadn't heard anything about it... Til now. Thanks. Brown pencils are amazing!!!