Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slightly obsessed

While we are talking about Vegas....

Once we get back from Vegas what we really want to do is... turn around and go back. Chad was trying to talk me in to going back down on Saturday. He tried all Friday and then again all Saturday. Nikki can vouch for that. I spent all day Friday and Saturday telling him there was no way we were going back down, we were just there! But there's something about being there that makes us want to keep coming back for more. And that something is that it's awesome.

After a Saturday full a whole lot of nothing too exciting and a failed attempt at finding a good Mexican restaurant I was sorely disappointed that I hadn't given in.

While Cafe Rio is delicious it can't replace a good Mexican restaurant with endless chips and salsa. We miss the Sagebrush Cantina and El Patio with all our hearts. This place we tried Saturday had weird chips and really watered down, onion-y, very mild salsa. Chad skipped it, I ate it only because I wanted so badly for it to be good. Our first clue however, was that when I adjusted how I was sitting in the both, the whole thing moved because it wasn't bolted to the floor. Uh-oh. Shoulda left then.

We were a wee bit nervous about we had gotten ourselves into so we played it safe and ordered fajitas to split. It's impossible to mess up fajitas... right? Wrong. Bleh. The steak so bad we couldn't eat it and the onions and peppers weren't even cooked. After complaining we were given 25% off. It was still way too much money for the 3 fajitas we managed to eat.

We were upset about the failed dinner. Then our stomachs became even more upset than we were. We drove around trying to find something to do, failed, then finally just went home. The stomachs were pretty angry at this point. Stupid raw onions.

So instead of hanging in Vegas, people watching and snacking on chocolates, Chad watched Psych while I tried to sleep off my cranky belly. Pretty rockin' Saturday night huh?

Lesson learned: When your hubby wants to take you out.... just say yes.


  1. Overly oniony salsa is the worst.

  2. Oh man, it's so disappointing to go to a new restaurant and find it to not be very good. I think sometimes that's why I'm not so adventurous with restaurants--if I'm going to spend money, I want the food to be yummy!

  3. Oh, you've been a really busy girl since I haven't visited you :).

  4. Rob and Jeremy went to El Patio last week and Jeremy quickly informed me that "dad was so cheap he brought home the left over chips and salsa" I enjoyed eating every last one of those chips :)