Sunday, February 24, 2013

Surprise, Surprise

Last week I was a lazy bum. While most people seem to be recovering from the flu I was recovering from.... Vegas. Slightly better than the flu. I was also recovering daily from all of the freaking nursing homes we went to. 4 in 2 days my friends. It was as awful as it sounds. Probably more so. On the third day we had a group of 30 mentally challenged 20 somethings come into our office that morning. While they are fun, they are draining. So I'll pick up where I left off... last weekend, the weekend of L-o-v-e... and Vegas ;)

We celebrated Valentine's Day last weekend because celebrating holidays on a weekday is sad and way less fun. And while I already told you we went to Vegas I'm sure you already knew that considering we like to celebrate everything in Vegas. Birthdays, Holidays, "we're bored and have nothing to do" days...

We had work and school until 7:30 last Thursday, Chad had a camp out with the boys from church on Friday and got back Saturday afternoon. That afternoon we had a fun little photo shoot for some kids going to Preference in our ward.

Luckily, I had President's Day off, woot! So Sunday morning we packed up and headed down to our favorite town. We left all of our hanging clothes at home, so that gave us something to do that afternoon :) We found some new fancy clothes to wear that night and then returned them all the next day... I know, we're horrible. But we weren't going out to dinner in our jeans and t-shirts.

Dress: H&M, Tights: old, Shoes: Target
Unfortunately we wandered around a bit too much and by the time we were trying to find somewhere to eat dinner we were outta luck at most restaurants. We finally ate around midnight at the only place that was still open. I got pad thai and Chad got Udon noodles.

That night we wandered around the city, took lots of pictures, got some new eyelashes (well, I did) and made some friends out on the strip! The next day we took it easy and just hung out together. People watching, eating pizza, and dressing up one more time for dinner at our new favorite place at the Encore.

After we were thoroughly exhausted, feet too sore and bellies full we headed back home to St. George. Always kinda a let down after a whirl wind weekend in Vegas. We didn't want to leave our fancy hotel suite :)

'Till next weekend Vegas.

*And while I was joking as I wrote this post last week, we did in fact just get back from Vegas again last night. We have a problem. A big, Vegas sized problem. Someone should really come out here and talk some sense into us, we'll pick you up at the airport... in Vegas....

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