Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3rd times the charm

We love H&M. I love all the basics that I get there and all of the Men's clothing fits Chad like a champ. Whenever we are in Vegas we make a stop there. I usually need to replace a dying tank top and Chad usually needs to replace a dying dress shirt for church.

Last weekend was no different. He picked up a cute striped shirt with great purple buttons. After getting back to our hotel he went to change into in and found a cut in the shirt by the shoulder. Booo.

So we take the shirt back the next day and tell them about the cut. They ignore us, do the return and we are on our way to find one without slashes and holes to take home. We finally find one in his size and buy it.

We immediately go to the bathrooms at Caesars to change, him into his shirt and me into my new tights. Changing into tights in a very dirty, small bathroom stall without a purse hook is quite the feat my friends. I should really have won an award for that one. Anyways....

I come out of the bathroom only to find Chad standing there in the same clothes he went in in, holding the new shirt. There was another giant rip/cut under the collar. So we head back and return it. We tell them this is the second time that this has happened. They, again, ignore what we are saying and just return it.

So now we are looking for the shirt again. Guess what we find? The first shirt out on display with it's rip in it. At this point we are really irritated and take the cut up shirt back up to the cashier and tell them what has happened. Miss Sass at the register didn't care a bit, gave us the stink eye and basically told us to get over it. Nice. Customer service at it's finest.

We were tempted just to leave at that point, but we had already gone to so much freaking work. So finally we found one more shirt in his size, went over it with a fine tooth comb... twice, and bought it. Success!

Definitely more hassle that it was worth, good thing he looks darn cute in it ;)


  1. Where are the pictures?

  2. After 3 times, I probably would've asked to speak with a manager or made some kind of connection with their offices. I'm not one of those gals who complain (I promise) unless it's absolutely ludicrous, such as your experience. Why they would {knowingly} display a returned, ripped shirt, I have no idea. In any event, I'm thrilled your husband FINALLY found the right shirt.


  3. H&M is the best :)


  4. I love H&M, too!!! I got addicted to it in Germany, so I was glad to come here and find a store opening near me. I feel like I could buy one of everything on their racks. I recently bought a pair of jeans there for $10 ($10!!!!!) that fit like a glove and are long enough and so stretchy and comfortable. Seriously, my closet looks like a mini-H&M store.

    So sorry they were buggers about the shirt. I'll bet the torn-shirt-on-the-rack is the work of some flunkie employee who didn't want to be bothered with the hassle of reporting the flaw.

    But, please don't let this experience sour you on H&M. I don't want to have to stop reading your blog :).

    1. Oh there's no way we would ever stop going to H&M. We've already been back :)