Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't Sneeze

My back spasms have gotten much better, if I wasn't hunched over all day they would probably be gone. But alas, my sciatic nerve will be the death of me. It feels like someone is stabbing my calf with a fiery knife and lets not even start on how my hip feels. Anytime I try to straighten out my nerve viciously throws me back down. Remember when I said that You Tube was better than Dr.'s, well I forgot that Dr.'s can write prescriptions so clearly they win. Although my prescription seems to be doing a whole lot of nothing. Sneezing and Coughing are the cruelest of jokes my body is playing on itself, I coughed this morning and literally thought I would die, so painful. If childbirth pain is anything even close to this count me the freak out.

Due all of my old lady issues we couldn't go to Vegas this weekend, in fact we couldn't do much this weekend. We were going to go see an art exhibit and Chad needed to take a bunch of pictures for his photography class. Instead we stayed home and now Chad gets to take more pictures of the desert. Blegh. We also tried to get me to move a little bit. Last time this happened I didn't move at all and that seemed to be worse in the long run. I learned that riding a bike isn't painful, I'm already hunched over in that position to begin with and it feels good to move my hip. We also tried rock climbing the easiest climb in the history of the world, technically you didn't even need a rope to climb it, and Chad didn't use one, but I did because I was super afraid my body would fail me much like it has the past week and a half and I would roll down the short wall to my death. All in all, it was nice to get out of the house. I may not have felt any better afterwards but I did get a sunburn, and that made me very happy.

After spending my super exciting days stretching and crying I've been wrapping up each night with some pain killers, muscle relaxants and more icy hot than you can imagine. Again, pretty sure the pills are doing nothing, but it makes me feel better to have those little orange bottles around. Ashley and Patrick come down this weekend, so hopefully I'll be upright by then and will have some better stories to tell. Until then you can look forward to my pain induced ramblings. Your welcome.


  1. I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. I wish I was close enough to come by and bring some chocolate, soup, and good company! Hopefully when Ashley comes in, you'll be feeling better :)