Monday, June 16, 2014

Bragging Rights

I needed to interrupt the awesome vacation stories and pictures to do a little bragging. A little Chad bragging. I know everyone thinks they have the best husband but I really do. Really.

I've done my fair share of Chad bragging before but the past couple of months he's gone above and beyond, especially out here by ourselves. Where the heck is family when you need them? (Oh, that's right, we were the ones with the bright idea to move as far away as possible.)

The whole cooking, cleaning thing has gone out the freaking window. For reals people. And not like, oh the past couple weeks I've been lazy, it's like the past couple months I can't move. Sooooo.... The past week consisted of me coming home from work and then literally sleeping until doing it all over the next day. He feeds me, gets me treats, keeps me hydrated, makes dinner, cleans the kitchen, and bathrooms, unpacked everything from vacation, takes care of all the animals and works his 5am shift. He makes sure my contacts are out and I don't smash my face while sleeping in my glasses. And the back/leg rubs.... come on. He sprays me down with the freeze spray before bed, in the morning, whenever he can get my pants down ;)  So good. Happy I could trick this guy into marrying me just before turning into a 95 year old crippled. #Jokesonyoubabe

He's replaced my purses this last week, surprised me with a new pair of sunglasses that are cuter than anything, secretly bought me the cutest coral pants that fit perfectly (didn't even have to try them on, man he's good) and is all around spoiling me in that way as well.

The patience and love this guy has for me is incredible and I am so lucky to have him watch over and care for me.

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