Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lessons in Traveling

When we first got our plane tickets it took us a while to realize that Danielle Portela was heading out to Michigan. Hard to do when you don't have much proof of being that person anymore. ha. Lesson one learned: Your expired passport still counts a valid ID as long as it hasn't been over a year. Phew. My office manager coincidently lost her ID on the way home from her vacation and learned that her Costco ID and credit card was good enough to get her home as well.

Lesson Two, The Flint Ariport rocks. Rock my socks right off. Small, clean, the people are NICE, friendly, and SO helpful. Grated I was wheelchair so I think I had some pity points but still, so nice. Pre boarding ain't so bad either.

Third, Ward Families are forever families. We were able to park our car with a family who used to go to go to our same ward in Michigan. Not only did we park out car there, they then drove us to the airport and then dropped our car off the night before we arrived because they were leaving on their own vacation. Above and beyond these people went. Such good people.

Then of course we had to drive back to St. George from Vegas. Night-mare. Of epic proportions. It was over 100 when we got here, which we knew it would be but still doesn't soften the blow when your in leggings and long sleeves for the plane. As soon as we managed to grab our baggage we were off to find the car. We were hot, beyond sweaty, I was attempting to walk so that we could pull all our crazy baggage with us. I was breaking d-o-w-n guys. We started driving down the strip trying to kill some time so we could drive back in weather that wouldn't burn us alive. We finally parked at a Casino and changed in the car. Changing in the car with a hurt back in 100+ heat and a cramped up leg was nothing short of a miracle. It was not done discreetly but hey, when in Vegas right? At that point I was ready to strip naked outside the car to change. Modesty? What's that?

So by the time I waddled into the casino I laid and cried like a true drunk Vegas girl at Ceasars Palace while I made Chad go check out H&M. It was his birthday and I still hadn't/haven't gotten him anything so we weren't leaving until he found a kick ass suit at H&M. He finally made it back to me with a bit of a birthday haul! Success! Until a few days ago when we realized the pieces just weren't going to work. So back to Vegas we will go within the next 30 days to return! Lets see if I can get walking before then because wheelchairs are for rent and not borrow at good 'ol Ceasars. And I don't know if I can mentally handle being a crying Vegas cliché again unless I'm actually seriously intoxicated.

We did eventually make it back home. It did cool down once we left the city, we finally got some food in us, which helped immensely, chugged some Gatorade, which we have been living off of, and Chad got me one of those giant bags of ice for the ride home. We took turns with it. I would lay on in, he would simply hold it in his lap to cool off and then I'd sit on it again. We may not have a/c but bless Chad's heart, that giant bag of ice saved my life on the ride home.

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