Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Once upon a time I worked at Big Apple Bagel. It was Summer and I needed a part time job. I put on a skirt and some heels and got ready to wander around handing out resumes. I was hired at the first place I stopped at, mostly, I think, because I could present myself as a well dressed and put together person. Ha, I'm good like that at interviews. They never know what hits them when I wander in a couple months later with glasses on and unbrushed, ponytail hair. Anyways.... we're getting off track here.

I agreed to work the afternoon shifts after I was trained.... the next day.... at 5:30 am. So I went out and found the required blue polo shirt at Salvation Army, just one mind you, that I wore all summer long. I showed up the next day, half asleep and confused as to what I had actually agreed to. Just in case you don't already know, I'm not a morning person. I had survived 4 years of early morning church classes at 6 am in high school and thought that I was free from the hell that is the early morning. Wrooong. By the way, all those people who tell you that you get used to the early morning wake ups for Seminary.... they are lying.

Back to the bagels, I spent the next 4 months working there from 5:30 am to noon. That's right, no afternoon shifts for me. Tricky tricky. It was actually pretty nice, even though I worked with someone who would routinely get drunk and pass out in the bathrooms. I got tons of free bagels and brought home bagel sandwiches almost every time I worked for lunch. And, since I was young and head over heels for a certain someone, I could then spend all afternoon with him, when I wasn't at The Chocolate Moose. That certain someone definitely wasn't a morning person. The benefits barely beat out that 5:30 am start time.

Summer eventually ran out, I went back to school and ever since I've managed to secure jobs that don't require me to be out of bed before the sun is also awake. (Except for Michigan winters of course because there the sun dies for 6 months) Oh 9am, you are glorious.

Then a week ago, a certain mister decided to go on the hunt for a part time job. And trust me, out here, it's a hunt. After only a couple days he was in luck! Our beloved Kneaders were more than happy to have him work there. So... we have somehow managed to find ourselves in a familiar situation, one of us working at a bakery, scheduled start time, 5:30 am. As a one car family, it's a start time for both of us. And while I'm not a morning person, Chad really isn't a morning person. Once again those pesky benefits: Kneaders goodies, a set schedule, All of Sunday and Saturday afternoons off, no night shifts and most importantly, having the whole afternoon to work on his Photography.

Wish us luck peeps, we may need it.

Oh... and they lived happily ever after.

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