Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I was going to tell you what an uneventful week we've had but as I was typing it I realized that we've had a great, busy, week! Now as I'm finishing the post I'm realizing this is one of the longest Awesome and Awkwards I've done! Should have saved some up for next week ;)

  • Literally as I'm sitting here and writing this some girl comes in looking for a job, (yes I'm writing this at work... but it's lunch!). I tell her that we aren't hiring, they just hired me. Well let me start by saying that she comes in here and looks past me at my office managers office and says she's here to speak with her. I tell her she'll have to wait, she's on the phone with an insurance company, is there something I can do to help? That's when she let's me know what she's up to. Sneaky... So she's determined to speak with her and is waiting and I'm just sitting here, I just told you they just hired me. They aren't going to suddenly fire me on the spot and hire you crazy pants. Finally she gave up and left because my manager was on an insurance call and we all know those take forever. She lasted a good 20 minutes though, which were seriously awkward as she told me all about how she got fired, and her
  • We were driving through LasVegas, down the strip with our windows open because the air still wasn't working at this point. As we were sitting at a light Chad say's, "I think a bird pooped on me". What?! We are inside the car! Sure enough some bird flew by and managed to get some poop through the window and onto Chad. LOL. I loved it.
  • As I was carrying around the giant jar of pickles last week in Costco, an old cranky man attempting to be funny asked me if I was pregnant. I was totally taken off guard and being such a quick thinker on my feet I responded with a big 'ol smile saying "no" and shaking my head vigorously. I was confused, was it because I was carrying the jar in front of me like a preggo belly? Then it hit me, the whole pregnant women like weird food, pickles and ice cream anyone? Although I don't think that pickles on their own really count as a weird food.
  • We love this dollar cone deal going on at the Marble Slab by our house. It's the perfect size and the ice cream is awesome. Whatever could make dollar cones awkward? How about the little teenage girl who dishes up the ice cream who loves Chad. That's right, I get old men hitting on me and Chad gets super cute high schoolers. She gives him almost double the amount of ice cream she gives me and then always asks if we are going to pay together. Every single time.
  • Going to get ice cream at the Marble Slab last night only to find a ton of police cars and caution tape all around the paved path that runs next to it's parking lot. This path is awesome and we run it a lot, and I run it alone a lot. The girls that were working let us know that a woman was assaulted under the bridge along the path and was in the hospital. Sweet. Need to find a new running path now or train Rukia to attack rather than lick someone to death.
  • Chad attempted to go to mutual last night only to find no one there when he got there at 7:15. No young men or young men's leaders to be found anywhere. Apparently they were going to play basketball but someone was already using the gym so they decided that instead of doing something else they would all just go home. Lame sauce. It was nice to spend the evening with Chad instead of running on the assault trail by myself and finding the caution tape alone, but weird that they all just went home. Awkward Church Moment for the Week, check!
  • Finishing the whole 4 pound can of tuna fish in a week.

  • Chad finished his finals!!!! WOOT! He is free of school... until he starts his summer classes :) He did ridiculously awesome in both his Biology and Chemistry class and I am super proud of him! He'll be a Doctor in no time ;)
  • My hair is once again managable! It doesn't get all matted and gross like some sort of wild animal making it next to impossible to brush. Seriously, it used to take me like a half hour to try to brush out the craziness that was my hair. And then I would just put it in a ponytail or high bun because it's getting way to hot to have a giant mop of hair acting as a blanket over my neck and back. So... back to short hair! And dark hair! Because the blonde, while super fun and cute and all that jazz, seriously destroyed my hair. Hello short sassy hair, it's so nice to see you again!
  • My manager at work was watching her neighbors chickens and I got a dozen eggs out of the deal! Awesome eggs, score! Not having to make a Costco run just to buy eggs, priceless!
  • I've gotten to go with the Doctor to some nursing homes and the people are great. Some are quite sad but most are really funny and make the afternoon go buy so fast. It's a fun way to break up the day!We finished the 4 pound can of tuna in a week's time.
  • Talking with Chad's family this week was great! We haven't seen them all in what feels like forever! It was great to Skype! We are beyond excited to see them when they come out to visit this summer and fall! We've already got lists going of things we are going to do!

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