Monday, May 21, 2012

Snap Back to Reality

We left Hawaii around 10:30 Friday night and got into Las Vegas at 7 am. The flight was awesome, seriously. We were the only flight leaving our terminal and the airport was dead at our end. After a little mishap with the person who checked us in not actually checking us in we were able to get our boarding passes and hang out with my family until we all had to leave, their flight was delayed until 10:30 too! Our seats reclined a lot, we had head rests that folded out so we could actually sleep, and there was a crazy amount of leg room. Boom! I managed to stay awake long enough to take off (take off and landings are my favorite!), woke up to eat the best/worst cheese sandwich with mustard ever, had some pineapple juice, and then woke up again to land. Doesn't get much better than that! Unlike our departing flight we knew exactly where to go and found our car pretty easy after a small hike to the parking garage. There we sadly gave the machine the rest of the money we had for parking. Boo!

Our flight out of Vegas was much more exciting/exhausting/stressful. We ended up leaving late from our house because that's just how we do. Side note, Chad was running something back in the house last minute and Rukia made a last ditch effort to dart out to the car to come with us. So sorry sad pup! After getting stuck in traffic and finally figuring out where to park we just had to use the airport parking rather than drive around and look for something better. We crossed our fingers that the $7-14 rate would be closer to $7.... wrong. We jumped out of the car and made it through the parking garage all the way through the airport to check in only to NOT find our airline. Huh? We finally found someone to ask and they informed us we needed to be in Terminal 2. Sweet. We then followed the signs to terminal 2, which took us all the way back across the airport, up and down multiple elevators and escalators and then finally to a shuttle stop. We did not have time for this. We were cutting it way to close so we decided to run. Yes, run. This isn't the first time I have ran through an airport and sadly I don't think it'll be my last. I was not properly dressed for this but I just kept on truckin' as my pants kept sliding further and further down and my shirt kept ridding further and further up. I was a sweaty, red mess but after running all the way back where we came from and then outside and down to Terminal 2 we finally made it to check our bag with 15 minutes to spare! Upside? No waiting to board. We literally found our terminal and they had finished boarding the special people and were moving on to us regular people. Downside? No time to buy a magazine or fill water bottles or buy the ever important candy. Luckily we had lots of drinks served and I was prepared with a carry on full of food. Not too shabby.


Now it's Monday and I'm feeling better than I thought I would. Jet Lag was a beast Saturday and Sunday. We pretty much laid around all weekend catching up on shows, eating candy, drinking red bull, and snuggling with our very needy animals. There was a pizza in there as well but Rukia ate half of it when we left to get the candy... Pretty sad when the most nutritious thing you've eaten in days is a pizza. Now I'm at work and Chad is running errands, making phone calls and paying bills. After a great dinner made by Chad we are hoping to get back on a 'reasonable' schedule. Back on schedule that is until Jared comes to visit in a week :)

It was an amazing trip that we would have never been able to go on if it weren't for my awesome parents, Thanks Mom and Dad, you're the best!

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